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    101 Blog Topic Ideas

    3 Steps to planning a year’s worth of content in 5 minutes

    Articles and Blogs are one of the best ways to promote your business online. Because according to a 2017 Content Marketing Institute survey, 80% of companies surveyed say they use Blogs, and 52% say Blogs will be the tactic that’s most critical to their overall content marketing success for 2017.

    But not all blog posts get results. To avoid wasting your time creating blogs that don’t deliver, download this short guide.  In addition to 101 Blog Topic ideas, you get three powerful strategies for achieving optimal blog performance.

    1. Understand your customers’ problems

    If your goal is to magnetically attract the best B2B prospects, you must understand their problems. In fact, the success of your content marketing depends on it. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to create a customer problem list long enough to generate a year’s worth of content in only five minutes.

    2. Tailor your blogs to your customers’ needs

    As your B2B prospects move through their buyer’s journey, they have a different question at each stage. And the question they’re asking tells you what type of content will interest them most. After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what that is.

    3. Use the 4 master content strategies

    Creating an effective blog may be a mystery to some, but it gets easier when you realize there are only four main types of writing. After reading this guide you’ll know what the four master content strategies are and when to use them.

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