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    B2B Buyer Personas Guide

    To Create Relevance So Your Marketing Has Impact

    B2B Buyer Personas GuideThere’s a hard truth you should know about content marketing. While you want to use it to reach a wide audience, each person who reads your content has unique needs. If it doesn’t satisfy their needs they won’t be interested. And there’s no point in creating content that doesn’t get read.

    A Buyer Persona solves this problem by serving as a composite sketch of your target audience. While it’ll never be perfect, it will help create marketing materials that are more relevant to more buyers. This B2B Buyer Personas Guide explains what types of information you need. It’s based on the overview of your buyers outlined in your Copy Platform.

    B2B Buyer Personas Overview

    It takes a deep understanding of your customer’s goals, motivations and many other factors to create copywriting that gets results. And the only predictable way to achieve this is with B2B Buyer personas. Here are the three most important factors to consider:

      1. Who’s on the buying committee?
      2. What questions need to be asked about them?
      3. What information and content do they need?

    What Personas Should You Develop?

    There’s usually more than one person involved in making a B2B buying decision. Who makes the final decision? Who are the influencers? Who are the recommenders? Having buyer personas for these key roles, typically no more than three, will make your marketing more accurate and effective.

    Questions for Developing B2B Buyer Personas

    Since a persona is not an actual person but a composite of your most likely customer, questions need to be asked to create personas that are most relevant to the majority of your target audience. for example:

      1. Who?
      2. What?
      3. Why?
      4. How?
      5. When?
      6. Where?

    Who are your buyers?

    The first step in creating B2B buyer personas is identifying who your buyers are. Are they in a leadership role? Management role? Technical role? Here are some questions to ask:

      • Roles
      • Areas of focus
      • Responsibilities
      • Background and education
      • Experience
      • Work/life balance
      • Personality traits
      • Alliances
      • High-profile influencers
      • Keywords and phrases

    What do they want?

    Buyers have a split personality. While their priority is achieving their business goals, their personal goals are not far behind. Here are some factors to consider:

      • Organizational goals
      • Business goals
      • Personal goals
      • Initiatives, programs, projects
      • Industry factors

    Why do they buy?

    Are they excited about growing their business, or worried about the future? Are they trying increase company efficiency, or avoid blame? Do they want to achieve peak performance, or are they worried about being wrong? What prompts them to want and buy your product or service?

      • Objections
      • Needs, Challenges and Interests
      • Risks and rewards
      • Attitudes, perceptions, beliefs
      • Patterns of behavior

    How do they buy?

    Business purchases are methodical, pragmatic and process-oriented. What are the steps your buyers follow to get to the sale?

    When do they buy?

    Complex B2B purchases are often planned well in advance. This lets you know how soon you must start marketing your products.

      • Seasonal factors
      • Budget planning
      • Buying cycle

    Where do they buy?

    B2B buyers need sources of information they can rely on to make a purchase decision. Knowing what sources of information they turn to gives you a roadmap for finding them.

      • Preferred communication channels
      • Social interactions
      • Trusted sources of information

    What Information Do Your Personas Need?

    Now that you have a good understanding of your target audience’s needs, challenges and interests from asking the above questions, you know what content to create. Not only that, you know when they need it and where they go to find that information.

    Start Developing Your B2B Buyer Personas Today!

    Creating B2B Buyer Personas is the fast track to attracting the kinds of customers you want. Your content could be irrelevant without them. Need help creating personas? Try our B2B Buyer Persona Cloud Services.

    Now that you have your Buyer Personas developed, the next step is to use the buyer keywords you’ve identified and develop your SEO Strategy.

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