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    Copywriting and B2B Content Guide

    To Use the Right Copywriting and B2B Content

    Copywriting and B2B Content GuideIf you want to use digital marketing to grow your business, you need the right copywriting. But where do you begin? This guide provides a brief overview of the various types of B2B copywriting and where they fit into the sales process.

    Before you create any copy and content, the first step is to have all your strategic copywriting available as a reference. This includes your Brand Promise, Copy Platform, Buyer Personas, SEO Strategy and Buyer’s Journey.

    Copywriting and B2B Content Overview

    There are two questions you must asks before creating any copywriting: What job do I need it to do? And, what are the gaps in my sales process?

    What Jobs Must Your Copy and Content Do?

    Harvard University professor and innovation expert, Clayton Christensen, says that when we buy a product, we essentially “hire” it to help us do a job. And there are four main jobs that B2B copywriting can do. Here are the four basic jobs copywriting does:

      1. Direct Your Marketing
      2. Promote Your Business
      3. Educate Your Customers
      4. Explain Your Products

    Direct Your Marketing – It’s next to impossible to create effective copy if you’re not clear on who’s reading it or what their needs are. Strategic copywriting solves this problem and there are several types:

      • Value proposition
      • Copy platform
      • Buyer personas
      • SEO strategy
      • Buyer’s Journey

    Promote Your Business – One thing you can never stop doing if you’re in business is advertising. But more than just advertising, you need to build relationships. And without a doubt, the best B2B tool for this is Linkedin.

      • Linkedin
      • Email marketing
      • Direct mail/Snail mail
      • Press releases

    Educate Your Customers – In most contexts, the term “Content Marketing” refers to customer education. And some of the biggest problems are where people don’t realize they don’t have one in the first place. This type of copywriting helps prospects understand what their problems are and the urgency to solve them. For example:

      • Whitepapers
      • Case studies
      • Podcasts
      • Videos

    Explain Your Products – There’s lots of information people want to know about a product before they buy it. And the first place they go for this information is your website. So, you’ll need some good web copy for sure.

      • Web copy
      • Corporate biographies
      • Product descriptions
      • E-brochures

    Traditional Marketing Funnel Diagram

    Get Started Creating Your B2B Copywriting?

    The next step in developing your copy and content is using SEO Copywriting so your content gets found online.

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