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    B2B Lead Generation Guide

    To Create a Predictable Lead Generation System

    B2B Lead Generation GuideIf you want sales, you need leads. But they’re almost always in short supply. What can you do? You must use integrate all your strategic and tactical marketing materials into a predictable lead generation system.

    This B2B lead generation guide explains what tools and steps are involved in creating your unique lead generation system. An important part of your copy and content is SEO Copywriting.

    Stages in the Buyer’s Journey

    American educator and psychologist, John Dewey, introduced the idea of the purchase-decision process in 1910. He pointed out that because decision-making only happens in our mind, you can only know decisions they are making based the on the measurable actions they take. For example, this happens when someone connects with you on Linked or downloads content from one of your landing pages.

    For business-to-business purchases, there are three distinct phases that could take months or even years: Need Recognition, Information Search (and evaluating options), and Purchase Decision. So, there are three key questions prospects need answered before they’ll buy:

      1. What’s my problem? – Prospects may not be aware they have a problem
      2. What’s the right solution? – Prospects need more information to evaluate their options
      3. Why should I hire you? – Prospects are searching for the best brand

    B2B Lead Generation Overview

    Have you ever asked an auto mechanic to fix the heater in your car? They ‘ll tell you a heater is not a single part, but a combination of parts working together to deliver heat.

    Generating leads in your business is the same. It takes a system. And with the right copy and content, you’ll have a complete system for consistently generating leads. To consider your options, ask yourself these two questions:

    • What types of copywriting do I need to create a lead generation system?
    • Where is my customer in their buyer’s journey?

    The 3 Parts of a B2B Lead Generation System

    Listed sequentially, each of the following components is part of a complete lead generation system:

      1. Business Promotion
      2. Customer Education
      3. Product Information


    Not enough clients? You may need more visibility. By promoting your business more, you’ll create more awareness and generate more leads. For example, you could use google advertising to attract buyers right at the end of their journey. Or, you may use Linkedin to connect and build relationships with buyers at the beginning of their journey. And in this case you’ll need to take the next step which is to educate them.

    Customer Education

    If you’re product is seen as a commodity, you’ll need to find a way to differentiate and stand out. But if your product is innovative, complex or expensive, you likely need to educate your prospects on their problem. And helping them learn about it, will build customer relationships too. Commonly known as Content Marketing, there are many types of copywriting you can use to provide customer education.

    Product Information

    There’s lots a prospect needs to know before they’ll buy. For example, they’ll want to know all about your product’s features and benefits. Further, how your product or service works, your packages and pricing, after-sales service and so on. And of course, they’ll want proof you can deliver too.

    Traditional Marketing Funnel Diagram

    Start Generating More Leads Today!

    Not sure what kind of lead generation system is right for you? Contact Trailblazer Writing for a free consultation and learn how to start generating more leads today. After you’ve created your lead generation system, the next step is to stay ahead of the curve by discovering B2B Marketing Trends.

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