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    B2B Copywriting Services

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    Industrial marketing by Trailblazerwriting.comWith relentless change and disruption in marketing caused by digital technology, big data and analytics, how are marketing professionals supposed to keep up?

    Hi, I’m Derek Little, B2B Copywriter. I help you keep your marketing promotions running smoothly, on-time and on-budget, bringing in forecasted leads and sales, or even exceeding them with compelling copy and content.

    Copywriting for Software, Technology, and Manufacturing

    Since my background is in software, technology, and manufacturing, I have a head start on helping companies in these industries with their copywriting challenges. And I work with Marketing Directors in midsize to large companies as well as leaders in smaller firms.

    My typical clients are in range of software industries, as well as manufacturing industries such as medical devices. Further, I’m open to working with clients in related industries such as robotics, 3D printing, industrial standards, consulting, safety, logistics and others.

    Copywriting Services

    All B2B companies need copywriting. But where do you begin? There are four types to consider. The first is copy that’s used to direct the development of other copy and content. The second is focused on your products and the third on educating your customers. Finally, the fourth type is for relationship-building and promotional purposes.

    1. Copy Strategy
    2. Product information
    3. Customer education
    4. Promotion

    #1. The copy behind the copy
    There are two parts to copywriting. What you’re writing about, the content. And the written form the content takes, the words, structure, unity and grammar. So before a copywriter can write effective copy, they need strategic direction.

    • Copy platform
    • Creative brief

    #2. You. Your Business. Your Brand.
    Brand copywriting is focused you, your business, your products, your story. For example, the most basic brand message is your name. On the other hand, the hardest working marketing piece is usually your brochure or the modern version of it such as your website. And if you’re B2B, you need your a Linkedin profile too.

    • E-Brochure
    • Product descriptions
    • Sell sheets
    • Website copy
    • Linkedin profile

    #3. Your Customers. Their Challenges.
    A hard truth for many businesses to hear is that most customers don’t give a damn about their products. They only care about solving their problems. Content copywriting, is focused on your customer’s challenges, needs, and interests. And it’s usually offered as a free resource to help them examine their problems or consider purchase options.

    • Case studies
    • White papers
    • Special reports
    • eBooks
    • Blogs/articles

    #4. Connecting Your Business & Customers 
    Email and social media are two digital channels that make it easy to stay connected and build customer relationships. And this is usually done with the help of free content. Of course, you want to use promotional copy when the time is right.

    • Linkedin messages
    • Email copy
    • Direct mail sales letters

    Start with a Free Consultation.  Call me at 844-B2B-COPY (844-222-2679) or email me at

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