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    B2B Marketing Trends

    Lead Rather Than Follow by Staying Ahead of the Curve

    Copy PlatformEach year brings a new shift in customer preferences resulting in more change for digital marketers. If you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss the latest B2B marketing trends and a good opportunity to grow your business.

    While copywriting itself doesn’t change much, the technology used to deliver it does. And this determines which copywriting formats are most popular. For example, eBooks are on the rise because more people are using a mobile device.

    What’s New in B2B Marketing

    One of the biggest trends in B2B marketing is the increasing use of mobile phones. A report by We Are Social found that in 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year.

    Mobile viewers want mobile content. Your website and blog must be mobile-ready to reach them. In addition, gated content like eBooks must also be mobile. This is why a trending marketing tactic is to put your eBook on and reach a massive audience with Kindle publishing.

    The Content Buyers Want Most

    If you’re attempting to reach a large audience you should offer the type of content prospects want most. This is increasingly produced in eBook format. The advantage of these visual guides is they’re able to distill a lot of information down to its basic elements so they can be rapidly consumed.

      • Usually 12 to 50+ pages in length
      • Like a slide-deck and whitepaper combined
      • Is typically a how-to Guide.
      • Focused on a customer need, challenge or interest.
      • Designed to be evergreen content so it lasts a long time.
      • Usually presented in landscape format
      • Have a lot of graphics
      • Meant to be quickly scanned, not carefully studied
      • May be structured in a problem and solution format like a whitepaper
      • Visual in the sense that it’s more like a Slide Deck or Webinar

    How to Create an eBook

    A good eBook starts by stating the desire of your target audience and their objective. Further, it describes why the reader’s goal is important as well as articulating the challenge and building drama by creating tension between the goal and problem.


    What holds all the content of an eBook together is its structure. This includes the introduction, the conclusion and the body.

      • Intro – what eBook is about, why it’s being written
      • Body – Deliver content promised in the introduction
      • Conclusion – reinstatement of big idea, transition to deeper engagement


    To make an eBook more readable, it’s a good idea to organize the chapters into a numbered list or chronological series of steps towards the goal. Chapters can include call-outs or sidebars to elaborate on the content and deepen the reader’s understanding.

      • Headline to identify the subject of the chapter
      • Content broken down into paragraphs and bullet lists
      • Call-outs and sidebars with reinforcing information

    Create Your Own eBook

    Want to jump on the eBook trend by creating one of your own? Contact Trailblazer Writing for details on how to create a compelling eBook and turn it into an ePub or Kindle eBook. You’ll also learn how to increase readership of your eBook by using SEO on Amazon to reach a vast audience of potential leads.

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    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast SEO copywriting training course!

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