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    B2B Website Copywriting Guide

    For Website Content That Influences Buyer's Decisions

    Your website is the first place everyone goes to find out all about you and your products. But when your pages don’t contain the right content or they’re not well-written, your website fails.

    Well written content creates more authority for your business. This guide includes best practices on what web pages to include and what content can help your prospects. Your website content should act as a hub based on your Buyer’s Journey.

    Website Copywriting Basics

    Website visitors have little patience for a site that’s hard to navigate. So an effective navigation menu is the foundation of an effective website.

    The first step to developing your website copy is to create a complete sitemap and site structure. This is why having an SEO Strategy is so important. The following pages are standard on most B2B websites:

    • Products and services
    • Capabilities/industries/FAQs
    • Company/about us/contact
    • Homepage
    • Blog/content
    • Resources

    Product and Services

    Because your product page is the most important page on your site, it should be written first. This page or pages will explain your product’s features and benefits. And this copy can be pulled directly from your Copy Platform if you have one. Further, it should answer any FAQs and lead them to the next step.

    • Messaging/positioning
    • Product/services features & benefits
    • Callouts and bulleted text
    • Calls to to action


    When there’s too much information to fit on your product and service pages, it can be added to your Industries pages. Further, your industries page showcases your capabilities in those industries. Breaking your Website Copywriting down this way lets you provide specific information to targeted audiences. And it lets you scale up your content.

    • Challenges specific to an industry
    • Products & services specific to an industry
    • Capabilities specific to an industry
    • FAQs specific to an industry
    • Content & downloads specific to an industry

    About Us

    Your Company page, About Us, and Contact pages can build your credibility. For example, a well-written company history, bios, company stories and testimonials can all build trust. And with the help of SEO copywriting buyers can find these pages indexed in Google too.

    • Full contact information
    • Client list/testimonials
    • Photos/company bios
    • General contact form
    • Explanation of what your company does
    • Why you’re unique/your philosophy
    • Pressroom


    Your home page is a summary of all your content. But you need to be brief because you only have a few seconds to show people they’re in the right place. Among other things, your homepage should clearly describe your positioning and unique selling proposition. And because most people are now using a mobile device, your site should be mobile responsive.

    • Contact information
    • Current mobile web design
    • Use copy, images & video to convey the message
    • Clear positioning and messaging
    • Call-to-action

    Blog Page

    Should your company website have a blog? Of course. Since only around 5% of first-time visitors are likely to buy anything, blogs create engagement that can bring them back. And if you’re stuck for blog topics, revisit your SEO Strategy.

    • Keyword-based blog topics
    • SEO keyword integration
    • Categorization and tagging
    • Editorial calendar for organization
    • The four master content types

    Resources/Learning Center

    A resource center can offer free content that builds trust, authority and generates more inquiries. And there’s many types of B2B Content you can provide.

    • Case studies
    • Whitepapers
    • Special reports
    • eBooks/guides
    • E-newsletter
    • Articles
    • Templates & tools
    • Webinars
    • Videos
    • Frequently ask questions

    Press Room

    A Press Room is a page on your website where you can gather all the press clippings, articles or anything you’ve published or that has gained notoriety. Adding this material to your website will increase your credibility.

    • Press releases
    • Articles, books, press mentions
    • List of published articles
    • Published books

    Get Started – Improve Your Website Copywriting!

    Your Website Copywriting provides many opportunities to increase your sales and grow your business. And the quality of your copy reflects heavily on your business and products. Once you have your Website Copywriting developed, the next step is to start creating your B2B copy and content.

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    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast Site structure training course!

    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast SEO copywriting training course!

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