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    B2B Brand Awareness

    So You Shine Through the Clutter and Stand Out

    Brand AwarenessWhat’s your biggest marketing challenge? Is it forcing your message through all the clutter to create brand awareness? And with so much clutter out there, getting a consistent flow of valuable content needs to be a constant focus. But it’s so easy to leave it until “tomorrow,” right?

    And just using content to make sales isn’t enough. You need branded content to build equity, so it becomes a long-term investment. Then your company will be worth more, if you one day decide to sell it. Do any of these questions sound familiar?

    • How much time should we spend optimizing our online advertising?
    • Are we pushing too many emails to our mailing lists, not enough, or just enough?
    • Is our content relevant?
    • Should we be more targeted?
    • Should we invest in advanced online advertising, such as videos?

    Here’s a one-stop solution from Trailblazer Writing that lets you build brand authority, brand equity, brand awareness, and generate leads too.

    5-Step Brand Awareness Strategy

    #1. Build Your Brand Platform

    The first step in creating a solid brand strategy is to develop your Value Proposition. This lets you cover all your marketing fundamentals such as clarifying your target market. The next step is to create a Copy Platform containing all your core brand messages.

    #2. Create Targeted Visibility (Top of Funnel)

    To create visibility in front of your targeted audience, Linkedin is the obvious channel, as well as Twitter. And Quora lets you create visibility and authority by answering real customer questions and concerns.

    #3. Educate Your Prospects (Middle of Funnel)

    Content is what’s needed to answer prospect questions and help them through their buyer’s journey. And Blogs are the best investment since they can be posted to Linkedin, Quora, your Website, other blogs, or be used as sponsored content.

    #4. Explain Your Products (Bottom of Funnel)

    The first place people go for product information is your Website. This includes your product pages, as well as your blogs and other educational content such as guides and videos.

    #5. Create an Integrated Solution

    With the first four steps integrated, your return-on-investment is maximized. For example, your Copy Platform builds your reputation through repetition. Linkedin and Twitter let you reach your targeted audiences. Website content and SEO directs the development of your Blogs, and these are posted to Quora, Linkedin and your Website.

    Then your Quora posts can educate prospects and link to your blogs, which link to your web page. And everything connects when Quora posts are simultaneously posted to Linkedin and Twitter. Finally, a good video can stimulate interest across all media, and everything leads to your Call-to-action.

    NOTE: A brand awareness program can be customized with the website copy, content, and social media platforms you prefer.

    Brand Awareness Package

    Want branded content that increases your business equity, creates visibility, educates your prospects, and generate leads too? Then the Trailblazer Brand Awareness package is perfect for your needs. Not only does it provide maximum value through re-purposed content, it’s implemented over a period of months making it easier to mange your cash flow.


      • 1 to 2-hour meeting (Focused on the Value Proposition)
      • Basic Copy Platform
      • Content for your Website, Blogs & Social Media Marketing
      • Brand imaging strategy
      • SEO strategy and copywriting
      • 6-12 month’s worth of blog content
      • Integrated social media marketing solution
      • Project management/roll-out over 6-12 month period
      • Project completion checlist
      • Monthly or weekly status report

    What’s involved

    During a live online recorded screen-share meeting, we meet conduct an in-depth review of the six core parts of your Value Proposition, and brand. During this 1 to 2-hour online recorded strategy session, we gather all the content needed to create your Copy Platform and brand messaging. Here’s what it will cover:

      1. Your targeted markets
      2. Their needs, challenges & interests
      3. Their desired benefits
      4. Your products
      5. How your product/business is differentiated
      6. Your brand promise (or main problem/solution)

    Price factors

    While all the core elements of the Brand Awareness solution are recommended to achieve full impact, the quantity of each element determines the price. For example, this would include the type and length of webpage content, number of blogs and Quora posts. And a volume discount would apply as the quantities are increased.

    NOTE: Additional revisions for content or a change in creative direction would increase price.

    Your role in the process

    You will participate in a 1-hour meeting. After the copy is written, you’ll review the first draft of each page and recommend edits, within an agreed upon time limit.

    The Trailblazer Brand Awareness Advantage

    You save money, time, and can ramp up your brand awareness faster with this complete marketing funnel solution. Your Quora answers build your authority and link to your blogs, which link to your website and call-to-action.

    All your content aligns with your SEO strategy, while your website content is re-purposed into blog posts to maximize your value. Finally, your solution is rolled out over a period of 6-12 months, making it easy for you to manage your cash flow, measure return-on-investment and limit your risk.

    Start Building Brand Awareness – Ignite Your Sales!

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