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    Buyer Persona Cloud Services

    To Put Your Sales and Marketing Teams on the Same Page

    B2B Buyer Personas in the CloudToday it’s harder than ever to a B2B buyer on the phone. You need digital marketing to reach them early. But marketing needs to bring in the leads that sales can close. Otherwise a lot of time and effort is wasted. The way to put sales and marketing on the same page with with B2B Cloud-based buyer personas.

    While personas can be time consuming and challenging to create, Trailblazer Writing makes it easy by putting your personas accessible in the cloud. Not only do we collect and assemble your persona data into a cloud report, you control viewing and editing permissions.

    Further, you get a user guide on how to make the most of your persona for developing effective content. The persona development service includes:

      1. Cloud persona management
      2. Employee interviews
      3. Buyer interviews
      4. Linkedin profile analysis
      5. Persona user guide

    5 Buyer Persona Development Services

    #1. Cloud Managed Personas

    One of the greatest challenges of creating buyers personas is getting everyone on the team to participate in building and using them. Our cloud managed buyer personas give you customized permissions on who can view or edit your personas.

    #2. Employee Interviews

    Your employees such as Product Marketers, Business Managers, and especially Salespeople possess valuable customer information for developing your personas. For example, who do your sales people interact with? What do they know about who makes the final buying decision? What questions do customers tend to ask? Our Employee Interviews collect this information for you.

    #3. Buyer Interviews

    While internal research can be very useful, you’re still guessing without direct feedback from customers. What you ideally want to know is their story, meaning their journey to overcome the problem your product helps them solve. We ask them questions that uncover these insights. And we provide a starter survey that lets you introduce the idea of an interview to customers first.

    #4. Linkedin Profile Analysis

    Your customer’s Linkedin profile contains a wealth of information that can be used to build your buyer personas. For example, Trailblazer Writing uses Linkedin and data science to conduct background and personality analyses that uncover insights like personal and professional goals.

    #5. Persona User Guide

    This user guide lets you put your buyer personas to work by explaining them in the context of your customer’s buyer’s journey. For example, you’ll learn what channels are best for reaching your buyers, how to best approach communicate to them, and how to create a marketing strategy for keeping them engaged through to the sale.

    Start-up Package

    Just getting started with buyer personas? This package is for you. It lets you focus on your single most important buyer persona.


      • 1 Persona
      • Cloud Persona Management
      • 1 Interview
      • 50 Linked Profiles Analyzed
      • Persona Engagement Report

    Business Package

    If you are focusing on more than a single market segment, you’ll need more than one persona. This package gives your two personas. And it includes four interviews for gathering employee and buyer or customer information.


      • 2 Personas
      • Cloud Persona Management
      • 4 Interviews
      • 100 Linked Profiles Analyzed
      • 2 Persona Engagement Reports

    Trailblazer Package

    The Trailblazer package includes three personas. It also includes seven interviews for gathering employee and buyer or customer information.


      • 3 Personas
      • Cloud Persona Management
      • 7 Interviews
      • 150 Linked Profiles Analyzed
      • 3 Persona Engagement Report

    Take Action – Start improving your content with buyer personas!

    Without a Buyer Persona you’re just guessing. Contact me for a Free Buyer Persona Consultation. I’ll explain our buyer persona development services and help you decide which package is right for you.

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