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    Content Audit Guide

    For Data-driven Website Performance

    Website Content AuditYour thoughts travel at 270 miles per hour! So it takes only a split second for someone to decide to leave your site. And when they do, your bounce rate just went up. If it’s higher than 50%, your website is doing a poor job of converting interest. A Website Content Audit can solve this problem, especially if you have a lot of competition.

    Even a small website improvement can dramatically increase your results. Especially if you’re already getting lots of traffic. For example, have you considered any of the following problems?

      • Why don’t we get enough inquiries?
      • Our business is better than our site makes us look
      • It’s not as engaging as it could be
      • Our site doesn’t show up in Google
      • It looks outdated
      • We don’t know who’s visiting our site or what pages
      • We have no way to stay in touch with visitors
      • We’ve got a great story that’s not being told
      • Our competitors have better websites
      • We don’t really know what works online

    Content Audit Basics

    There are two parts to a Content Audit: the Analysis Reports and the Recommendation Report. Your Analyses let you compare your website to your main competitors and gain valuable insights. And your Recommendation Report gives you ideas for implementing the research on your website.

    What’s Covered in an Audit

    Website visitors love to see a great web design. And graphics are included in your analysis. But there are other factors that play a much bigger role in the results your website gets. And these are content strength and usability, and they have little to do with the technical development of your site. In total, there are eight ways to analyze what your site is doing right, and what it’s missing.

    1. Site Identity
    2. Company information
    3. Content Strength
    4. Links
    5. Navigation
    6. Graphics
    7. Design
    8. SEO Optimization

    Website Improvement Report

    In order for you to have a full understanding of where to improve your site, your complete Website Content Audit includes the following five documents.

    1. Show & Tell Report – with screenshots and descriptive findings
    2. 35-point Usability Checklist – complete usability review
    3. 22-point Content Strength Report – content strengths & weaknesses
    4. Competitor Scorecard – compares your website to theirs
    5. Action plan report – recommendations

    1. Show & Tell Report

    This report will reveal your challenges in the areas of content strength and usability. It will include screenshots with descriptions, arrows, and notes. Further, it will include an analysis of your Home Page, plus a second-tier page (products, services, about, etc.). And it will include a third-tier page such as a specific product or service page. The end result is a Recommendation Report that makes it easy for you to understand the findings.

    2. 35-point usability checklist

    Another valuable report is this diagnostic on the functional elements of your Website. This report gives you an effectiveness rating that shows you your strengths and weaknesses.

    3. 22-point content strength report

    This report will reveal your strengths and weaknesses with regard to your website copy. It too gives you an effectiveness rating that shows you your strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Competitor scorecard

    Your competitor report(s) gives you an overall grade of their website(s) you can compare to your grade. And you may gain some good ideas that can give you a competitive advantage.

    5. Action Plan Report

    Finally, this report summarizes the findings of the audit. Included are recommendations for making the most of the research.

    Website Audit Content Strength ReportGet Started – Ignite Your Site!

    Don’t let your website hold you back any longer. Get a professional Website Content Audit and learn how to improve your website performance. Or, get started with a Free Website Analysis.

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