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    Time to Hire a B2B Copywriter

    By Derek Little 9 months agoNo Comments

    Red Adair, an American oil well firefighter famous for extinguishing and capping some of the most dangerous oil well blowouts ever, was once quoted as saying…

    “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

    While copywriting hardly poses the same risk as oil well firefighting, handling a B2B copy project the wrong way can instantly cost you time and money.

    And with the internet and inbound marketing showing no signs of slowing down, more companies are hiring a professional copywriter to stand out online.

    But when is the time right time to hire a freelancer? This article examines six situations when it makes sense to hire a pro.

    1. You have gaps in your sales process

    Your prospects love the fact they can find what they need online. The problem is, they don’t always know what they need. And they may not know what their options are or have time to consider them. Further, they don’t want to talk to a salesperson until they’ve had time to think about it.

    Unfortunately for them, and you, they may put off purchasing entirely because they don’t have the time or enough information to do it right. On the other hand, you can help them solve their problem and build trust by completing gaps in their thinking with the right content. A win/win.

    2. No time to write

    For small businesses and independent consultants, writing is one of the most effective ways to establish credibility and generate leads.

    But because writing is such a time-consuming process, it’s hard to find the time. And business-to-business writing skills can take years to develop. As a non-writer, you could quickly run out of time or patience. Or worse, end up as the lowest paid employee in your company.

    3. Need a Special Project

    Medium-sized and large businesses that sell complex, innovative or expensive products often use Edu-marketing. As opposed to product-focused copy, Edu-marketing is all about your customers’ problems.

    But projects like these take specialized skills. While blogs, case studies, special reports or white papers are only needed now and then, an in-house writer would have to drop everything and completely shift their thinking to produce one. And a specialist is already up to speed.

    4. Copy not competitive

    Another time time to hire a professional copywriter is when you suddenly realize your existing copy isn’t not good enough. For example, you may have browsed the web and visited a few competitor websites that have much better copy.

    Your copy may not sound as good, be strategized as effectively or tell your business story that well. Either way, a pro copywriter can provide fresh eyes and take your copy to a new level.

    5. Not getting results

    Regardless of the size of your business, lead generation is the one of most valuable ways to use copywriting. But when your current copy is not generating enough leads, it’s time to call in an expert.

    Same as long-copy projects, lead generation takes specialized skills and knowledge. And lead copy projects may include email marketing, landing pages or both.

    6. Profit opportunity

    For the profit minded entrepreneur, copywriting can take on a whole new meaning. For example, a consulting firm in a niche market might consider hiring a copywriter to produce information products.

    For the same cost as creating copy to market their own business, they could create a newsletter package or website templates to offer to their customers, with a significant return-on-investment.

    The Time to Hire a Pro Copywriter is Now

    While there are some situations where you can write your own copy, there are others when it’s smart to hire a pro. In fact, you may even be losing money if you don’t.

    The most common situations are when there’s no time to write, a special project is needed, your copy isn’t competitive or you’re not getting results. And if you are entrepreneurial-minded, you may consider creating information products to generate more revenue.

    With all the pressure put on businesses today to stay ahead of the digital curve, there’s no time like the present to hire a professional copywriter.

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