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    How to Create B2B Content Your Buyers Will Eagerly Read

    By Derek Little 1 month ago
    B2B Content

    A study by Trackmaven called the Content Paradox found that “the output of content per brand increased 35%.” But over the same period, “content engagement decreased by 17%.” Is creating more content for less return the new normal? And if so, are you wasting time and money on B2B content? You could be.

    Your Buyers Are On a Journey

    The buyers journey is where a prospect starts with a problem and searches for a solution. To them, their problem is no small matter either. It’s the enemy that’s preventing them from achieving their goals. Finding the solution is a hero’s journey.

    They need your help and that’s where your product or services fit into the picture. However, they’re not waiting for you to call. With access to the web, they’re out there searching for content that helps them understand their problems and options. But mostly what they find are product pitches.

    It’s a common urge to pitch your products because you need sales to stay in business. But if your B2B content is not connected to the buyer’s problem it’s seen by them as irrelevant. And they won’t waste time reading irrelevant content.

    To create B2B content that’s relevant to your audience, your writers must know who they’re writing to. Otherwise they’re forced to write to a generic audience and create content that will be largely ignored. So how can you get a better return on your content and more control over your sales? You must be more strategic.

    How to Create Strategic and Relevant B2B Content

    The key to creating B2B content your prospects see as relevant is strategic copywriting. Strategic copy is internal to your business and not for your customers eyes. The foundation of strategic copywriting is your value proposition. This is a working document that broadly defines your target market and brand promise.

    Your value proposition provides the basis for your copy platform. This clarifies who you serve, the problem your product solves, and its features and benefits. Based on this, your buyer personas can dive deeper into the minds of your most likely customers providing a platform for thought leadership.

    Your persona’s keywords also form the foundation of your SEO strategy. This is the framework that guides the SEO structure of your website and maximizes the effectiveness of your SEO copywriting. Finally, your buyer’s journey synchronizes your B2B content into an overarching storyline keeping prospects interested over the long haul of the B2B buying cycle.

    How to Get the Sales You Want

    As a B2B Marketer you need both strategic and tactical copywriting. Strategic copy takes your business from being a wandering generality to having specific marketing goals. Your writers will be able to get tactical results because they’ll have the laser-like focus needed to create high-performance B2B copywriting. And the cost of strategic copy is a fraction of amount of sales you’ll make over the long term.

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