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    Copy Platform Guide

    For Repetition That Builds Your Reputation

    Copy PlatformA Copy Platform is a marketing tool that provides direction for all your marketing copy. Specifically, it lets you create consistent messaging that creates the repetition that builds your reputation. And this is important because marketing is only effective when it’s cumulative.

    Another benefit you get from having a copy platform is you save time and effort. This guide explains what a copy platform contains, how to use one, and how to get started. Your copy platform is based on your value proposition.

    Copy Platform Basics

    Above all, you want your marketing messages to be clear, concise and consistent. Once created, your copy platform can be used to develop all your marketing materials. To create your platform, start thinking about the following marketing concepts.

    Copy Platform Elements

    A copy platform may consist of numerous types of copy. But rather than the content you’d add to blogs, it contains highly strategic copy.  Here’s a list of some core marketing elements to get started with.

    • Descriptions of your targeted markets (Ideal customer profile)
    • Overview of your target audience (buyer personas)
    • The problem your product solves
    • How your product works
    • Product features & benefits (F&B Chart)
    • Product taglines
    • Market research facts and statistics
    • Positioning strategy
    • Positioning statement/unique selling proposition (USP)
    • Emotional selling proposition (ESP)
    • Testimonial champions
    • Selling statements
    • Others

    The Copy Platform Writing Process

    After gathering all necessary background materials, you may still end up with gaps in your information. In this case you may need to conduct interviews before writing and finalizing your platform.

    1. Collect and review background information

    The first step to writing your copy platform has nothing to do with writing at all. In fact, it has more to do with assembling your content rather than writing it. And a wide range of marketing materials can help.

    For example, previous digital and print marketing collateral, as well as R&D and marketing group memos can provide insight. Further, technical specs and diagrams, speeches and Powerpoints, annual reports and competitive information can all add value.

    2. Conduct interviews and fill in any gaps

    You may find you don’t have enough background information. In order to fill in any gaps, you can conduct a live recorded interview to gather additional data. A typical interview is 30-60 minutes. Further, a transcription will make your recording easier to work with.

    3. Write your Copy Platform and make revisions

    The third step in the process is itself a three step process. First, create the first draft and gather feedback. Next, create the second draft and gather feedback. Finally, create a polished draft.

    Get Started – Create Your Copy Platform

    Still not sure where to begin your Copy Platform? Contact Trailblazer Writing for details. Once you have your copy platform developed, the next step is to develop your Buyer Personas.

    Free Reference Guide for Hiring a Copywriter

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    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast Site structure training course!

    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast SEO copywriting training course!

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