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    Copywriter Information Package

    Your Guide to Hiring a B2B Copywriter

    Need a special marketing project like a Linkedin promotion, case study, website copy, product collateral, whitepaper, article, blog or other strategic marketing content? Then you need a professional freelance copywriter.

    But let’s face it. Finding a good one can be difficult. Not only do you need someone who knows your industry and can write, you need a business professional too. My Copywriter Information Package will help you avoid common mistakes when hiring or working with a freelancer.

    Here’s what it covers:

    1. Project discovery process
    2. Proposals & contract
    3. The writing of your drafts
    4. Deliverables & revisions
    5. Payment schedule
    6. Payment process
    7. Copyright & ownership
    8. Guarantees

    Avoid Proposal Problems

    There’s nothing worse than getting your signals crossed on project details. My Copywriter Information Package covers project description, scope, timeline, fees, deliverables, exclusions and other critical information.

    Prevent Deliverables Disasters

    Even if a project deadline isn’t looming, you don’t want to wait longer than you have to for copy revisions. And you sure don’t want to receive an extra bill – ouch! But it could happen. So it’s best to get this all nailed down upfront. My Copywriter Information Package covers these issues.

    Eliminate Copyright Confusion

    If you purchase copy you should own it, right? Not necessarily. My Copywriter Information Package helps you understand a number of legal issues such as the legality of your content, information, product or offer.

    Free Reference Guide for Hiring a Copywriter

    Don’t Settle for Less
    This Information Package helps you get the quality of copywriting you need while sidestepping complications that can happen when you hire the wrong freelance copywriter.

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