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    Website Analysis [Free Offer]

    For Quick Tips to Improve Your Site
    By Derek Little 8 months agoNo Comments
    Website Analysis Free by

    Did you know that a few simple changes to your website could dramatically improve your results? Is your website bringing in enough leads? One way to discover what’s working and what’s not is with a Content Audit. And from Trailblazer Writing you can get a Website Analysis Free.

    Why Get a Website Analysis Free

    In a 2014 report titled “Death of a (B2B) Salesman,” Forrester Research concluded that “by a factor 3 of 1, B2B buyers want to self-educate versus talking to salespeople to learn about products and services.” This means your website now has a bigger role than ever to play in your success.

    When I worked in B2B sales years ago, I’d begin with a list of phone numbers. I’d call a hundred people, get ten to pick up the phone, set a few meetings and keep following up. But today with web marketing, you can get prospects coming to you.

    What a Free Website Analysis Covers

    My website analysis is a 90-second screencast about your website. And it covers the following 8 components of an effective website .

    1. Site Identity
    2. Company information
    3. Content Strength
    4. Links
    5. Navigation
    6. Graphics
    7. Design
    8. SEO Optimization

    What a Website Analysis Doesn’t Include

    The are 5 essential parts the best user experience websites contain. Each of these parts has to be carefully considered when a site is built. Any of these may be covered in a site analysis, except for number two, functional integrity. Here are the 5 parts.

    1. Utility
    2. Functional integrity
    3. Graphic design
    4. Usability
    5. Persuasiveness

    Website technology, particularly with WordPress, has now advanced to the point that the technical aspects of a website are much easier to manage. Further WordPress websites are much more capable too, especially for SEO Copywriting.

    Get Your Free Analysis

    Click here to request your Free website analysis today.

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