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    To Keep You On the Cutting Edge

    Industrial marketing by Trailblazerwriting.comDid you know that today’s B2B buyers are generally younger and more web savvy? So they are likely to read blogs and other content from vendors for help in making a purchase decision.

    As a result, you’ll need a strong web presence and content to grow your business. Hi, I’m Derek Little, B2B Copywriter. And based on my commitment to help you work smarter, not just harder, I offer a wide range of copywriting and web marketing services.

    I Write for Manufacturing Related Business

    My own background is in manufacturing, so I have a head start on understanding your challenges. This includes industries such as medical devices, machinery, software and others.

    Custom Copy

    If you’re just starting a content marketing effort, I’d personally recommend you start with your Blog. For that I offer custom Blog Writing services. Or, you may want a more advanced solution such as an eBook, Case Study, White paper or Special Report.

    If you’re a small business, you may want a complete sales funnel solution. For example, this might include consulting and a combination of any of my services listed below. For example, Website copywriting + + Linkedin profile writing + Linkedin Group Creation + Special Report + Group Lead Nurturing.

    • Marketing consulting
    • Case studies
    • White papers
    • Special reports
    • eBooks
    • Blog writing
    • Content marketing strategy development
    • Email marketing
    • Website copywriting
    • Web copy optimization
    • (SEO) search engine optimization
    • (SEM) search engine marketing
    • Google Ad Writing
    • Google Adwords management
    • Linkedin profiles
    • Linkedin Group development

    Start with a Free Consultation.  Call me at 844-B2B-COPY (844-222-2679) or email me at

    Advanced Marketing Solutions

    Want to take marketing your business to the next level? My Free eBook: The Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers explains the 7 marketing strategies for getting better results online.

    The first of these strategies is to develop your Value Proposition. With the direction for your marketing established, you can stake the next step to create a Copy Platform. This will make all your copy more effective and easier to produce.

    Next, an SEO Strategy will let you attract the most qualified prospects to your website. Further, this strategy will increase the return-on-investment you put into your website.

    Another recommended advanced strategy is to conduct a Content Audit. Based on scientific research, this audit compares your website against proven key website  success factors. Then you’ll know what your site is missing and what to improve. If you’re not sure how this will help you, I offer a Free Website Analysis to get you started.

    Another advanced strategy is professional Website Copywriting Services. Because if your web pages don;t contain the right content, or if they aren’t well written, they won’t get read.

    Marketing Content is the one strategy you should utilize, even if you don’t use any of the others. Essential for lead generation, quality content lets you attract customers and build a list of prospects you can stay in touch with for future sales.

    Finally, there is SEO Copywriting. This is the strategy that ranks your web pages higher in the search engines. Otherwise, your website won;t get found in Google and no one will visit.

    The result of using these advanced online marketing strategies is that you’ll gain a competitive online advantage. Download your free copy of The Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers today! If you want more assistance, contact me for a Free Consultation.

    “This is exactly what I was looking for and doubly appreciate the landing page layout – kudos for that!”
    – Michael Shearer | Director Marketing Operations,

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    B2B Copywriting

    For many years now, B2B Copywriters have been the hidden talent behind many an entrepreneur’s success. But this emerging discipline has now gone main stream.

    Today, more B2B firms are realizing they could be more successful with the help of a professional freelance B2B Copywriter.

    Free Copywriting Project Checklist

    Hiring a professional freelance B2B Copywriter? This project checklist will help you get better results by eliminating common project oversights. Here’s what this guide includes:

    • List of 7 common project mistakes
    • Essential project planning tips
    • How to vet copywriters

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