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    Linkedin Marketing Program

    To Generate More Leads on Linkedin!

    There’s no doubt that Linkedin is one of the best tools for generating B2B leads. But it’s not as easy as it looks. So, how can you use Linkedin it to get the best results?

    This program teaches you the strategies, tactics, tools and techniques that are proven to work. And I know because it’s how I promote my B2B copywriting services. And you’ll benefit from my experience as a professional B2B Copywriter too, for creating Linkedin related projects like Webinars and email marketing.

    What the Program Includes:

    Based on my background as a Business Development Manager for two Fortune 500 companies, having run my own small business, and my work as a professional B2B Copywriter, this Linkedin marketing program is customized for your needs including strategic and tactical components.

    Linkedin Marketing Strategies

    The first part of my Linkedin program begins with a 1-2 hour recorded strategy session. This could be a one-time meeting, or ongoing meetings held with you and/or your sales/marketing team. Here we discuss all your business goals, your current marketing practices and what you hope to achieve on Linkedin.

      • Identifying your Linkedin target market
      • Developing account-based strategies (targeting a specific company)
      • Building your Linked Rolodex and buyer personas
      • Reviewing your prospects buying Stage
      • Your Primary Value Message & Products
      • Your key differentiators and SEO Keywords

    Here’s what Your Recorded Strategy Session includes:
    This meeting would ideally happen with all participants in front of their computer screen, so we can review Linkedin, other websites and content as we talk. Screen sharing and other tools are available at any time.

    Virtual Strategy Meeting(s) Details:

      • Meeting agenda (Confirmed by you)
      • All meeting technology and recording costs are included
      • I organize the event (your invitations will be sent by email)
      • Meeting facilitation (I organize the meeting/lead discussion)
      • We’ll closely examine the strategic elements of your solution
      • I’ll share my Linkedin knowledge, advice and ideas
      • I’ll help meeting participants brainstorm for ideas
      • Final meeting summary and Action Plan Report

    Linkedin Marketing Tactics

    During the second part of the program, I work closely with you or your marketing staff to implement the strategies we’ve developed. This would include:

      • Planning your connection management system
      • Writing your profile description (and other elements)
      • Setting up a Linkedin group
      • Connecting with key prospects
      • Building rapport with new connections
      • Gathering information (e.g. business & personal needs, buying committee)
      • Building value by sharing content

    Copywriting Deliverables May Include

      • Copy platform (copy plan, copy outline)
      • Linkedin Profile Description (outline, copywriting & revision)
      • Development of multiple strategic Linkedin messages & revisions
      • Unlimited updates (with ongoing consulting services)
      • Creative brief (for a specific content project)
      • Content projects unique to your business

    Don’t Settle for Less
    This Information Package helps you get the quality of copywriting you need while sidestepping complications that can happen when you hire the wrong freelance copywriter.

    Free Linkedin Marketing Consultation

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