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    Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

    7 Advanced Strategies to Put You on the Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing

    Generating leads is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. But traditional outbound marketing for manufacturers isn’t what it used to be, since buyers are increasingly searching for products online.

    However, this is good news for your business. Not only does online marketing provide a higher ROI, it gives you more control over your spend while increasing your potential for growth.

    But attracting profitable customers online takes more than pitching your products. This guide describes 7 strategies that give you a competitive edge online.

    The Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers

    There’s little doubt that technology gives your business a big competitive edge. However, it’s also a double-edged sword. Because technology keeps changing and improving, you must also. For example, Google now penalizes websites that aren’t mobile.

    Even by not updating your website, you’re now limiting your online visibility. Further, changes in Google’s search algorithm means SEO tactics that once worked may now be a liability.

    With customers using the web more often, they’ll have less patience for a poor online experience. The 7 Mini-Guides included in The Inside’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers gives you advanced strategies to improve that experience. See details below:

    1. Value Proposition
    2. Product marketing strategy
    3. Customer attraction strategy
    4. Website mission
    5. Persuasive web copy
    6. Compelling content
    7. Search engine optimization

    1. Strategic Marketing

    Customers don’t buy drill bits, they buy holes. In other words, rather than your product, what customers ultimately want is the value they get from your products. And rather than trying to guess what customers value most about your product, you can develop a Value Proposition.

    Based on your customer’s point-of-view, it provides an argument for buying your products. Once developed, it becomes the master linchpin for all your marketing. For our Value Proposition Guide, download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers.

    2. Effective Product Messaging

    The second trend in marketing for manufacturers is better messaging. The idea here is getting the right message to stick in the customer’s mind. And by getting your messaging strategy right, all your future copywriting will be right too.

    Your messaging strategy may include positioning statements, a unique selling proposition, a description of how your product works and the problem it solves. Further, there are your selling statements, testimonial champions and of course, your tagline. For our Copy Platform Guide, download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers.

    3. High Conversion Website

    An effective website supports supports your sales process. For example, if the primary mission of your site to generate more leads, you’ll likely want your visitors to opt-in, download free content and enter your sales funnel. As you collect leads, you’ll want to leverage your list by sending subscribers more useful content. Further, you may want to nurture these leads with a monthly tips newsletter.

    A great website will help you achieve many goals at once. A Website Content Audit reveals strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. For our Content Auditing Guide, download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers.

    4. Online Customer Attraction

    An SEO Strategy can play an important role is helping you attract the right customers online. The basic idea behind SEO is to use keyword research to identify where the online demand is. Further, it’s to attract prospects with their own words. In doing so, you’ll aligning your products with their needs. By optimizing your web pages, your web content will instantly have more pull.

    Further, your keyword research can be used to support your site structure and identify topics for blogs and other content. For our SEO Strategy Guide, download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers.

    5. Persuasive Website Copywriting

    Not only will your web copy not get read if it’s poorly written, your web pages must contain the right types of content for each page. And there are standard pages a professional B2B website must contain to succeed.

    For example, your product and services pages should describe the features and benefits of your products. Further, your industry specialization and capabilities pages should contain content specific to each industry. And your blog should feature a wide range of content to engage visitors and build your credibility. For more details, read our Website Copywriting Guide by downloading the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers.

    6. Compelling Content Writing

    Today’s customer is not waiting for your salespeople to call. They’re going online to self-educate with free content. So providing good quality content will instantly improve your sales process. Particularly if you use social media such as Linkedin to to promote your content to targeted groups. Of course, this will lower your cost per sale.

    For example, engaging blog posts will attract more traffic back to your site through social media. Downloads such as guides, case studies or white papers can generate leads. Further, webinars, videos and newsletters can help convert leads them into sales. Our Content Selection Guide, helps you choose the right type of content by describing content formats and where during the buyer’s journey they’ll produce the right results. Download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers to learn more.

    7. Targeted Online Visibility

    Google Adwords is will instantly drive targeted traffic to specific landing pages on your website. Further, there are other ways to appear in Google and Bing besides pay-per-click ads. For example, ranking your site with compelling content and SEO.

    If you want to lower your ongoing search engine advertising costs with an SEO Strategy. For our SEO Copywriting Guide, download the Insider’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers

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