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    Marketing for Small Business by Trailblazerwriting.comThe internet is getting more crowded everyday. You’ll need a compelling strategy and great copy to stand out. So why hire Trailblazer Writing?

    Because you can trust our relentless dedication to marketing innovation, and our commitment to provide the best total copywriting solution for the manufacturing industry, we help you stay on the cutting edge and avoid lost opportunities to grow your business. 

    From basic blogging to one-stop marketing, we offer just the right solution to meet your needs. And you’ll find all the details below.

    Solutions That Keep You Ahead of the Digital Curve

    Starting with a marketing plan that fits easily within your budget, Trailblazer services fall into 3 categories. First, our training, coaching & consulting services support your strategic decision-making needs. Next, our Strategic services provides behind-the-scenes strategic work. And finally, our tactical services help you get results.

    1. Training, Coaching & Consulting
    2. Strategic Services
    3. Tactical Services

    Marketing Strategy (Co-created)

    Not sure what direction to take your marketing? I offer Consulting, Training and Coaching.

    Free Consultation

    The purpose of my One-time Free Consultation is to give you some perspective on your needs. Further, the meeting will help me understand your goals and expectations. And then I’ll tell you what I can do for you. To book a consultation, Contact Me.

    Training & Coaching

    Want to find great topics for blog posts? Want to write your own copy and content? I may have a do-it-yourself option that can help. If you want to be trained or coached on a particular type of writing, Contact Me.

    Marketing Small Business Consulting

    In order to understand your business challenges thoroughly, any consulting I provide begins with my Marketing Intake Form or Phone Interview. Then I can help you create a plan to achieve your goals. Next, a great place to start is to develop your Value Proposition.

    Marketing Strategy (Done-for-you)

    These strategic marketing services are done-for-you and help you put your tactics into action. These include Content Audits, SEO Strategy and Copy Platforms.

    Content Audit

    This strategic service is a highly recommended first step to writing your website. Here I compare your site against 57 best practices in usability, content strength and design. The recommendations report comes with 5 sections that tell you exactly how to achieve top website performance. For more information, read my Content Audit Guide.

    Copy Platform

    Your Copy Platform is a summary of your product marketing strategy. Parts of it can be uses directly in your marketing materials, such as your selling statements, while other parts provide direction for all your copy. It usually takes me about a week to create a first draft. For more information, read my Copy Platform Guide

    SEO Strategy

    If you want to attract new customers through the web, you should begin with an SEO Strategy. For this service, I will research 200-300 keywords that mesh with your product marketing strategy. Then I organize them into categories and sub-categories as well as by profitability, competition and traffic. Finally, I create a structure that aligns with your marketing small business business goals and mission. For more details, read my SEO Strategy Guide.

    Marketing Tactics (Done-for-you)

    These services include well crafted copy and compelling content.

    Website Copywriting

    There are best practices in Website Copywriting I’ll use to create high quality copy for your website. I’ll help you determine what pages to add, what content to put on them. Further, the Content Map I create will instruct your web developer where to put the content on the site.  Finally, I’ll write well-structured highly readable content that will make a positive impression on your site visitors. For free tips on best practices, check my Website Copywriting Guide.

    Content Writing

    The purpose of content is to improve your sales process and lower your sales costs. There’s a wide range of special purpose content I can write for. For example, this includes email marketing, case studies, white papers, special reports and many others. for a more complete list, review my Content Writing Selection Guide.

    SEO Copywriting

    For any of your web pages to show up in Google, they need to be optimized for what Google considers to be best practices in web content. I have the know-how and the technology to optimize your pages for Google. This is particularly important for competitive online markets. To learn more, read my SEO Copywriting Guide.

    Google Advertising with Adwords

    Google Adwords campaigns include Keyword Research, Ad writing and ongoing Monthly Campaign Management. Monthly management may include ad or big adjustments.

    Mobile-responsive Website Programming

    Today’s websites must be mobile-responsive, since starting April 21, 2015, Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile. Further, it’s recommended to use a WordPress content management system because of all the advantages. First, the WordPress plugin and theme systems let you take advantage of very affordable cutting edge technology. Further, WordPress comes with a built-in blog.

    To program your site, a Web Programmer must be provided with a Content Map that explains what content will be added where. They then look at the details of code and optimize functional integrity of the site to ensure it performs well. This includes making sure all links, navigation buttons, and forms work properly. The programming on your site can be handled by your web team, or I can recommend someone.

    Social Media

    Twitter and Linkedin, if used effectively, can be a very low cost way to attract pre-qualified leads. I can provide expert Twitter and Linked optimization services. Not only do Twitter and Linkedin let you make connections and spread the word, they also increase your search engine presence if your website is optimized.

    Get Started – Marketing Your Small Business Online

    The opportunity is there, but the competition is continually increasing.  Get a competitive advantage with a Free Website Analysis.

    Hi, I’m Derek Little, B2B copywriter at Trailblazer Writing. And I offer a wide range of Industrial Marketing Services. For more tips on improving your sales process, read my Content Marketing Blog

    What’s New

    Trailblazer Writing

    Trailblazer Writing was started with the idea that competitive web marketing must start with the writing – not design. Although copywriting has been around for over 100 years, thinking in this way is an innovative approach. Because good writing, is really just good thinking.

    Small Business Stats

    In the United States, the Small Business Administration sets small business criteria based on industry, ownership structure, revenue and number of employees. For manufacturing companies, this is 1500.

    Industry Canada defines a small business as one with fewer than 100 paid employees and a medium-sized business as one with at least 100 and fewer than 500 employees.

    Marketing Budget

    The typical marketing budget for manufacturing is 3-5% of annual revenue. This means that a small business earning 1 million in revenue could afford to spend $30,000 to $50,000 a year on marketing. This is well within the reach of an annual online marketing campaign.

    Free Content Ideas Guide

    Stuck for ideas to create new content? This guide describes the four master content strategies and how to use them to create an endless supply of content ideas. Here’s what this guide incldues:

    • The 4 master content strategies
    • Questions for brainstorming ideas
    • An example of how each is used

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