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    Boiler Company Ignites Their Sales with 872% ROI

    Hamilton Boiler works is a small family-owned boiler manufacturer, equipment maintenance and rental business. They’ve been operating here in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, for over a 100 years.

    The company’s CEO has been working there for the last seventy years, so he knew marketing. But his knowledge was of traditional outbound marketing. When one of my clients referred me to them, they had no system for generating leads. And they were ready to take the leap online with a new website and web marketing.

    The Pressure Was On

    Manufacturers Marketing Success Story by Trailblazerwriting.comWinter was their peak season. And at that time of year here in Canada it can get cold, anywhere from sub-zero to -20 Celcius. Further, one of their main products was renting boilers. But they hadn’t received a single lead that season.

    It was right before Christmas, and if things didn’t change it could be a lean season for everyone. They put their faith in me to help them turn things around. Further, what made their project such a challenge was the range of services they needed. This included Marketing Consulting, Copywriting, Google Advertising, SEO Strategy, Web Hosting, Web Design and Graphic Design. Fortunately, things worked out great.

    The end result was an 872% return-on-investment in 6 weeks – over $21,000 in sales. While their CEO is a man of few words, but he did say to me, “Thanks. It was money well spent.” They were able to rent enough boilers to heat up their business. And this inspired me to create a slogan for my own company – To Ignite Your Sales.

    Case Study Overview


    • Business had slowed down for this manufacturer and machinery rental company.
    • Research showed their competitors were gaining an edge with online manufacturing marketing.
    • They wanted to introduce a new product to the market.
    • The company would be attending several trade shows and wanted to promote their participation.


    • Monthly coaching session
    • Developed value proposition – “Ontario Approved Boilers”
    • Analyzed competitors and wrote website copy
    • Launched online campaign with Google Adwords
    • New product name and trademark presence established
    • Managed Google Adwords campaign monthly

    872% Return-on-investment

    • Within 2 weeks, the client’s website was dominating the search engines for their chosen keywords.
    • Within six weeks, their campaign generated over $21,000 in profit.
    • They achieved an 872% return-on-investment, in first 6 weeks of their campaign
    • Ongoing Google Adwords Management since 2012
    • Their PPC campaign continues to deliver an return-on-investment
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