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    What Ben Franklin Can Teach You About Mastering Digital Marketing

    The Trailblazer Report - August 1, 2017
    By Derek Little 7 months ago

    The Trailblazer Report provides a new perspective on digital marketing so you can improve yours.

    In This Issue – Free Brainstorming Group for Marketers

    It’s frustrating.

    With relentless change and disruption in marketing caused by digital technology, big data and analytics, how are marketing professionals supposed to keep up?

    The answer is peer support. And the reason I say this, is because based on a survey I recently conducted it’s what marketing professionals say they want. In fact, peer support is an innovative strategy that’s been used by many successful entrepreneurs throughout history. A good example of this is Benjamin Franklin.

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Not only did Ben start with limited resources and use peer support to succeed, he went on to become America’s first millionaire. And here’s how he did it.

    What Ben Franklin Did to Succeed That You Can Do Too

    As a founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin is featured on the US $100 dollar bill. And let’s face it, that’s quite an honor.

    Starting out as a young printer in the year 1728 with only a few shillings in his pocket, Ben hosted a weekly brainstorming group to help grow his business. Guided by a specific set of questions, his group discussed ideas and news on what led to business success.

    His approach must have worked too, because not only did it help Ben succeed, 50 years later industrialist Andrew Carnegie setup his own business brainstorming group to create US Steel. Others who were part of such a group included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison. And we all know what companies they created.

    The point is, trailblazers like these didn’t succeed on their own. They had help. And since group brainstorming is a proven business strategy, there’s no reason why it can’t work for you too.

    Join a Group Like Ben Franklin’s for Manufacturing Marketers

    Limited to 1,000 members, my own brainstorming group on Linkedin, Modern Manufacturing Marketing, brings together manufacturing marketers to brainstorm on a range of digital marketing topics.

    While members typically do what’s done in most other Linkedin groups; post content to create visibility for their products & services, my group has a higher purpose beyond just this. And that is to help you innovate and improve your marketing so you get better results.

    So in the same spirit as Ben Franklin’s Leather Apron Club, I’m hoping to encourage members to let their guard down a bit and participate with questions, insights and new ideas. Over the coming months I’ll be gathering your feedback and implementing new strategies to achieve this goal. I hope you’ll participate!

    Further, my regular email newsletter, The Trailblazer Report, will continue to deliver fact-filled interesting stories about Trailblazers throughout history. My goal is to give you a new perspective on digital marketing to help you improve yours with innovative thinking.

    Also included are member survey results with insights on your marketing challenges. In fact, you can start participating by taking my latest One Minute Survey (see bottom of page). It’ll help me help you get better marketing results. And of course, join my free group.

    3 Ways to Prevent Lead Generation Failure

    While all B2B companies struggle to generate more leads and sales, many lead generation efforts fail. But one tactic that predictably delivers results is email marketing. Not only is it free, everyone has an email account they check daily. It’s a no-brainer. However, you’ll need these 3 essential components of email marketing to succeed::

    1. Interested audience
    2. Compelling offer
    3. Follow-up


    First you need an audience who’ll benefit from your product or service, and their email addresses. In the past, this often mean’t relying on SEO to drive website traffic. But now you can build a more targeted B2B audience, in less time and at a lower cost on Linkedin.


    Second, you need to make a compelling offer. And there are two types, hard and soft. A hard offer, such as a free consultation, is for prospects who are ready to buy. On the other hand, a soft offer, such as a free piece of content, is for prospects at an earlier stage in the buying process. And a soft offer is typically offered in conjunction with a website landing page to generate email opt-ins. Offer them both at the same, and all your bases are covered.

    Email Follow-up

    Finally, you need to send a series of follow-up emails or a regular newsletter. These will build value for subscribers so they’ll remember you when they’re ready to buy. Because most prospects usually won’t buy immediately.

    3 Tips for Building More Authority for Your Business

    If your product is complex, expensive or innovative, prospects will need proof of results before they’ll buy. A case study provides that proof by telling the story of how one of your customers succeeded with your products. Unfortunately, many case studies fail because they’re missing one or more of the following 3 parts:

    1. Business objective
    2. Hero story
    3. A good angle

    Business Objective

    For your case study to serve a purpose, it should align with your marketing strategy. So your first consideration should be the business objective you want the case study to achieve. For example, validate your solution or build credibility.

    Hero Story

    Next, you need the essential components of a well structured hero story so you can frame your customer as the winner. Starting with the customer problem, you may then want to describe the journey, the solution and eventually the results.

    A Good angle

    More than just a business solution. Customers want personal benefits. A good human interest story will captures the reader’s imagination with real world details. And it should be noted that case studies can help your lead generation efforts too, because everybody loves a good story. And they make great lead magnets. Stay tuned next month for more copywriting tips.

    Last Month’s Manufacturing Marketer Survey Results

    Go to the group now to share your opinion:

    Login to the Modern Manufacturing Marketing group on Linkedin, and share your opinions, questions or comments on last month’s survey results.

    Manufacturing Marketing, Trailblazer Report - August 2017

    What’s Holding You Back?

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