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    The Trailblazer Report

    Let a Copywriter tell your Salesforce customer success story and build your professional reputation with more visibility for your achievements

    Salesforce Customer Success StoriesSalesforce CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff has big goals – 60 billion by 2034. As continues it’s rise, so do the opportunities for Salesforce professionals. If you’re a Salesforce expert, now is a good time to tell your success story and get recognized for your achievements.

    In a special feature called “The Trailblazer Report,” Derek Little interviews you for 20-30 minutes then tells your story and publishes it here at, on Linkedin to his 4,000+ connections with technology CEOs and numerous other Salesforce groups. You get publishing rights and the opportunity to build your personal and professional brand.

    Prepare for the Future as a Salesforce Professional

    There are few jobs as hot right now as those based on Salesforce. For example, a key player in most Salesforce  success stories is the Salesforce Administrator.

    While the median salary for this role is $62,540 per year, has said these salaries can go as high as 124K if you work for Yahoo. For details, check the 2018 Mason Frank International Salesforce Salary Survey Report. Further, Google Trends shows that “Salesforce Administrator” is rapidly increasing in popularity. It’s what they call a “breakout,” which means the term has grown more than 5,000%.

    What’s Motivates Hiring Managers More Than a Resume? A Success Story

    While a lot of resumes and blogs go unread, everyone loves to read a well told success story. Whether you’re seeking a new job, trying to promote yourself as contractor or want to help your company build their brand, nothing opens the doors to professional opportunities faster than a success story.

    Having your story told by someone else increases your credibility and strengthens your brand. A strong brand creates feelings of trust that can lead to long-term success and satisfaction. For more thoughts on how to build a personal brand, check out The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand in the sidebar.

    Four Personal Branding Strategies:

      • Podcasts that get you on iTunes
      • Sending emails to create connections
      • Regular Facebook updates
      • Blogs to create awareness and get recognition

    Let Trailblazer Writing Tell Your ‘Before and After’ Story

    At Trailblazer Writing we specialize in writing articles about Salesforce. Now we want to tell your story too through this no-charge service for Salesforce professionals. We know you’re busy so we capture your story in a brief 20-30 minute interview.

    We write an article about a challenge you’ve encountered as a SF professional. It could’ve happened over a time period of a week, a year or longer. This includes a bit about you, an explanation of the business challenge, the journey to find a solution, the Salesforce solution you implemented or played a role in creating, some of the results your company has achieved and how you’ve grown personally from the experience. Once written, we’ll have you check it for accuracy and publish your story online.

    Please Note: Quantities are limited. If you’re interested, click the red button below to contact Derek Little at And put Tell My Success Story in the subject line of your email.

    Join the Linkedin Group for Salesforce Success

    The Linkedin group for Salesforce Success Stories helps Contract or Full-time Salesforce professionals build their credibility and gain visibility in the marketplace. The group provides tips and ideas for Salesforce talent marketing as well as showcasing the latest Salesforce customer success stories.

    Bonus Marketing Features

    When we write your story it may also get noticed by 100,000 of your fellow Trailblazers at Trailhead. In addition, a picture of you will be used as the image for your Salesforce success story.

    About Derek Little

    Prior to starting my business as a professional copywriter, I owned and operated an IT recruitment in Toronto, Canada called Top Technology Talent. My company tagline was See You At the Top. I hope to help Salesforce professionals achieve the same kind of results when they are featured in the Trailblazer Report. And there’s no charge whatsoever if you’re a career Salesforce professional – I promise.

    Free Guide

    The Complete Guide To Building Your Personal Brand

    Check Out This Recommended Guide by Neil Patel and Aaron Agius
    This Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand by Neil Patel and Aaron Agius provides a thorough overview of what it takes to build a professional personal brand. It’s easy to read and provides a soup to nuts explanation. We recommend it.

    What the 8 chapters include:

    1. Create Your Personal Brand Vision
    2. Define Your Target Audience
    3. Build Up Your Online and Offline Assets
    4. Build Your Brand Through Outreach
    5. Get Free Press Coverage
    6. Connect with Mentors
    7. Monitor Your Brand
    8. Be Yourself

    Go here for Free Guide

    Yes, I want to build my personal and professional brand

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