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    Networking Program Opens Door for 30% More Leads per Week at Prestige Business Interiors

    Want stylish interior design for your business complete with all the furnishings? Prestige Business Interiors offers a one stop solution. Jill Prescott, CEO of Prestige calls her team members “Business Space Interior Designers.” It’s comparable to having an interior designer design a room in your home and then supplying all the furnishings for it. But, Prestige was challenged to grow their business.

    As Jill puts it “We have a ‘product’ that is of very high value to a company but, frankly, difficult to sell.” Their problem was discovering who was in charge of furniture decisions. Jill said, “It isn’t like there’s an obvious title. It could be anyone from the office manager to CEO!” She believed networking was the only way to get the information she and her sales team needed. For them, better networking translated into more leads and sales.

    Entire Sales Force Trained in Only 1 Day

    The simple 5-Step method provided by Jones Training & Consulting in their Five Steps to Networking Success Program instantly appealed to Jill. According to her, “Right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement” Further, she said, there’s no fluff or theory.”

    Jones’s one-day on-site workshop trained her entire 10 member sales team in one go. Of particular interest to their salespeople were the twelve 20-minute training modules. These helped them practice their networking skills at their own pace and were accessible by Blackberry and other mobile devices. “They really, really liked the virtual training modules that they could access anytime and the fact they could call or email Bill Jones himself to ask questions and get advice,” said Jill.

    30% More Leads per Week

    When asked how much better their sales results are since taking their new networking training, Jill said “it’s an increase of as much as 30% more contacts per week.”

    By minimizing their initial struggles to find the right contacts from a myriad of decision-makers, the Five Steps to Networking Success Program got Prestige Business Interiors the results they wanted. ”We’re getting our foot in the doors of a lot more prospects than we did before,” said Ms. Prescott.  When asked if she’d recommend the program to other companies, she said “Without a doubt, it’s a very effective program, especially for sales teams like ours that rely on networking to build sales. I’d highly recommend it!”

    Case Study Services

    Each case study includes a professional interview, writing, editing and managing customer review until sign-off.

    NOTE: Rates vary based on the complexity of the subject matter, number of interviews, and amount of text.

    Candidate Interviewing

    Candidate interviews can be added as a preliminary step to conducting the actual Case Study. This lets you interview 4-5 customers to determine their fit for participating in a study before you make the investment.

    Case Study Extras Package

    This Success Story & Testimonial Development service includes an mp3 recording of the customer interview, a transcript, a short synopsis of the success story, and a list of customer quotes that can be used as testimonials.


    Your total case study package may include the following promotional services

    • E-newsletter
    • Landing page (with email list optin)
    • Press release
    • Banner ad
    • Direct mail letter
    • Social media marketing

    Leverage your case studies with multiple formatting options.

    • Powerpoint version
    • Condensed version
    • Infographics
    Graphic Design

    Case study graphic design that aligns with your corporate identity is available on request.

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    NOTE: This case study sample was produced during a professional development program on case studies.

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