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    SEO Copywriting Guide

    For SEO Copywriting That Helps Your Company Get Found Online

    SEO Copywriting GuideGoogle is becoming more semantically capable every day. Which means it’s getting better at determining contextual intent and weeding out low-quality content. Companies investing in low-quality content are making a bad investment.

    As a result, there are now four main parts to effective SEO Copywriting. This guide explains each one including how to optimize your web pages. To determine where to use SEO Copywriting, refer to your B2B copy and content.

    The Future of Google

    The first most important change in Google is the use of Semantic Search. This means that Google relies less on specific keywords. RankBrain, Google’s artificial intelligence system makes this easier. The end result is that you need better quality content to rank higher.

    The next key change, coming soon, is the release by Google of their new AMP (Accelerated Mobile Platform). This is basically a completely separate copy of the entire Google database but customized for mobile use. This means mobile devices will work much faster and better. Further, it will make Voice Search better too. With Semantic Search, RankBrain, AMP and Voice Search, expert SEO Copywriting can still help you get found online. Here are the four basics of SEO Copywriting.

    SEO Copywriting Basics

    SEO Copywriting is an effective technique for driving more traffic to your website. And this includes the following four parts:

    1. Technical SEO
    2. Great user experience
    3. Writing quality content
    4. Site security

    1. Technical SEO

    Ultimately, ranking in search engines comes down to some pretty technical stuff. And these factors keep changing too. As a consequence, you’ll need to implement a well-planned SEO strategy and stay current with SEO Copywriting best practices. But in addition to an SEO-educated copywriter, you need a Technical SEO Expert to ensure the details are handled correctly.

    • Management of meta data
    • Well-planned website structure
    • Focus keyword optimization per-page
    • Integration with social sites
    • Management of Google Search Console

    2. Great user experience

    At this point, website visitors have no patience for a website that doesn’t offer a great experience. At the same time, good SEO Copywriting means a lower bounce rate and higher ranking for you too.

    • Website mission
    • Clear positioning
    • Unique selling proposition
    • Product features and benefits
    • Testimonial champions

    3. Writing quality content

    No doubt, you are less likely to read text that is clunky and hard to understand. Your site visitors will feel the same way. High-quality website copywriting would include:

    • Well-structured web page content
    • Highly readable web copy
    • Content that is easy to read
    • Free educational content

    4. Site security

    Finally, there is the one SEO Copywriting factor that gets overlooked the most. And that’s site security. In the same ways as the other SEO Copywriting factors, security can affect your ranking too.

    • Software updates
    • Login security
    • Hosting security and management
    • Managing passwords

    Get Started – Rank Your Site Higher

    Optimizing your web pages with a focus keyword and creating internal links instantly increase your ranking. And it builds on the work you’ve already done with your SEO Strategy. The next step is use your SEO copywriting as part of your Lead Generation system.

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    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast Site structure training course!

    Derek Little successfully completed the Yoast SEO copywriting training course!

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