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    Customer Case Studies: 5 Ways to Enjoy More Success [Article]

    5 Ways to Get More Customers to Say YES
    By Derek Little 2 years agoNo Comments
    Customer Success Stories

    No one has to tell you how powerful customer success stories are. Also known as case studies, they provide proof of your product success and increase your credibility. But what you may not know is how to get more customers to take part in them. This article tells you how.

    Get More Customer Success Stories

    Customer success stories add a ton of value to your company, but they don’t necessarily do much for your customer. Therefore to interest them, you’ll need to show them how they benefit. In order to help you more win more of them, start following the strategies in this article.

    The first step is to build a list of customer objections and rebuttals for each. Then you’ll be ready to handle them when they come up. Next, it’s a good idea to get customers warmed up to the idea of participating in a study.

    The final step is to make your customer an offer you know they’ll accept. Follow these steps and you’ll get more success stories, also known as case studies. If you still run into more objections, create rebuttals for them and keep improving your system. Here are five ways to get more case studies.

    5 Ways to Win More Customer Case Studies

    To get more customers to say YES to customer case studies, I recommend you take these five steps:

    1. Prepare for Objections
    If you’re not prepared for customer objections, your hopes for getting a case study could get shot down in flames. Start making a list.

    2. Write Down Your Rebuttals
    When a customer objects, it only means they need help overcoming an obstacle. Planning out your rebuttals well in advance will make handling objections much easier.

    3. Profile Your Ideal Case Study Customer
    Just because a customer loves your product, doesn’t mean they’ll participate in a case study. Start focusing on each customer’s unique challenges and desires.

    4. Create a Case Study Proposal
    By giving your customer a case study proposal, it shows them you’re serious. Further, it saves you time by showing them how they benefit before they think about objecting.

    5. Create a Case Study Request Form
    A simple Request Form is an easy way to kick-start the process. It eliminates any perceived customer risk by providing a complete breakdown of what’s involved each step of the way.

    Customer case studies are powerful marketing assets that will help you close more sales. But some customers will reject the idea. And you may lose out on recording some of your greatest successes.

    In order to get more customers to say yes to case studies, try some of the five steps I’ve described. To your success!

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