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    5 Ways to Create Website Authority [Article]

    How to create a website that makes your business shine
    By Derek Little 12 months agoNo Comments
    Best User Experience Websites

    The Truth About How I Became a Copywriter

    Prior to my current career as a professional B2B copywriter, I had owned and operated a website development business. My company, Website Mastery, was committed to creating high-quality websites.

    But what I didn;t realize at the time was that I wasn’t creating the best user experience websites. In fact, I didn’t think “user experience” was my responsibility at all. And my clients seemed to know what they wanted anyway. My process was simply: follow the natural order of building a website:

    1. Utility
    2. Functional integrity
    3. Graphic design
    4. Usability
    5. Persuasiveness

    Wanted: The Best Website User Experience

    My website projects were completed in two stages. First I would build it and design it. Then my clients provided their content and I’d add it to their site. But this didn’t result in the best online experience for their visitors. Far from it.

    And another challenge was that clients often took months to come up with their content. Some took more than a year! In fact, some never got back to me at all because they’d gone out of business!

    The truth is, planning and creating a website is a big undertaking. And creating content is time-consuming and hard to do. It requires specialized knowledge and experience.

    What Website Users Want

    A company may be an expert on their products, they rarely know much about copy or content. And this is needed for a great website. Otherwise, why are you building it in the first place? After creating a significant number of websites, I concluded there are five ways to build reputation and visibility into your website.

    5 Ways to Create the Best User Experience Websites

    Here again are the 5 parts of an effective website. But this time they’re listed in the order that emphasizes website effectiveness, and the strategy behind each:

    Step 1 – Utility

    This is a strategic step that has nothing to do with the work of building a site. Rather, it has to do with making sure you have the right web pages, such as a blog. And it may include SEO optimization so your site gets found in Google.

    Step 2 – Usability

    Another strategic step is configuring how your site fits into your overall sales process. For example, what’s the mission of your website? What’s the endgame?

    Step 3 – Persuasiveness

    Of course, you need a great homepage. And this includes your positioning and an offer. How will it educate prospects and build authority? n

    Step 4 – Graphic design

    Graphic design is essential for building your reputation, and it makes a lasting impression too. How will it support your company’s positioning and the utility of your product? How will it make you more persuasive?

    Step 5 – Functional integrity

    Your website needs to work without fail. What technology should you use? How will you manage it? Should you use a content management system like WordPress? How will you edit and update the site? What is your mobile strategy?

    Website Usability Checklist

    A simple solution to dealing with all this technical mumbo-jumbo is my Website Audit. It shows you how to improve. Because soon you’ll have more people coming to your site and it’s never been more important to have a great website user experience.

    Part 4: How to Ignite Your Site

    Up next I’ll be introducing the “Ignite Your Site” Report. Click here for your free Website Usability Checklist.

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