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    Website Content Audit Tune-Up [Article]

    Part 1: The Secret to Top Website Performance
    By Derek Little 12 months agoNo Comments
    Content Audit by

    Website Content Audit best practices demonstrated by Midas MufflerIf you’re a manufacturer with a website, you need a Website Content Audit too. This type of analysis compares your website to best practices. Then you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

    Most of your customers now have a mobile device. And  many are now coming to your business through the web. With so much at stake, you be wondering if your website could be doing a better job of generating leads and sales.

    Mistakes to Avoid

    Like your car, your website is complicated. You can’t be expected to know what’s going on under the hood. Similarly, changing the oil in your car may seem simple but it’s not something you’d necessarily want to do yourself either. You need someone you can trust too.

    As an example of what can go wrong, I recently had my oil changed. Instead of going to my regular mechanic, I made the mistake of going to an oil change shop that promised fast service. My worst fears were realized when a few days later I learned the same shop was being investigated for fraud, and on national TV. Ouch!

    A New Gold Standard

    What’s needed to maintain both your car and your website is better information. Midas Muffler is one auto service that has taken the lead on the matter. For example, more than just oil changes, their Midas Touch Visual Courtesy Check sets a gold standard for knowing what’s going on with your car. Through the power of information, they give you more control over your car. Otherwise, how else would you know.

    At a glance you get more peace of mind and control over your vehicle’s performance. It’s the same in your business too. The difference being that it’s your website that now needs the tune-up. It may appear online, but how can you know if it’s actually working?

    What’s Included in a Website Content Audit?

    You may be asking whether you need a website content audit or not? After all, your website is probably reasonably well designed. People can visit your site, read about your services and contact you. What more is there? These are all valid questions if you’re not a website expert. In fact, that’s how I used to think. But then I learned the truth about why so many websites fail.

    In Part 2: Why Websites Fail

    Website user experience made better is covered in part two. And you’ll find out why your website is failing.

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