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    Website Usability [Checklist]

    How to Get Better Website Performance
    By Derek Little 12 months agoNo Comments

    If your website isn’t getting the results you want, you’ve got a problem. While it may look great, that doesn’t mean much. And one of the reasons is probably a hidden factor called website usability. So what is it?

    In a ground-breaking book called “Don’t Make Me Think,” author Steve Krug states that great usability comes down to something quite simple: don’t make people think.

    8 Parts of Great Website

    Unfortunately, making things so simple that people don’t have to think is incredibly hard work. Especially when it comes to websites. The good new is that there are best practices you can rely on to improve your site. Here are the 8 top elements of website improvement:

    1. Site identity
    2. Company information
    3. Content basics
    4. Links
    5. Navigation
    6. Graphics and animation
    7. Graphic design
    8. SEO optimization

    Setting a New Standard: Usability Checklist

    Website Usability Checklist by Trailblazer Writing

    When things get complicated, it’s always good to have a checklist on hand. Especially one for usability. My own Website Usability Checklist covers the most important factors in making your site shine.

    And in addition to a checklist, I provide a Website Audit. It compares the state of your site as it is now, against best practices in usability. What’s more, I analyze the strength of your content. And almost every website I see fails this one.

    Further, you’re only as good as your competitors. So I grade them too and based on the same criteria as yours. The final result is something I call an Ignite Your Site Report.

    Free Site Audit

    Not ready for a full audit? No problem. Get a basic one for free. You could be making some huge blunders you’ll want to fix immediately.  This scaled-down version identifies a few mistakes so you can see how much room there is for improvement.

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