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    How to Create the Best Website User Experience [Article]

    Part 2: How to Make an Impact on Your Web Visitors
    By Derek Little 8 months agoNo Comments
    Website User Experience

    Is your website user experience as good as you think? It may not be. The best way to find out is with a Website Content Audit. But prior to getting one, you may be asking this question: “Can’t I just tell if my website is good by looking at it?”

    If you’re judging your website based on looks alone, you’re making a big mistake. In fact, there are many elements that determine a great website user experience. Five to be exact. But only one of them matters to your users. This article explains how knowing what matters to users on your website can prevent your website from failing.

    The 5 Parts of an Effective Website

    Most manufacturing websites have the same goals. These are to build authority and credibility, then generate enquiries that result in more sales. But to reach these goals, there are five parts your website needs. These are listed below. Further, they are listed in order of importance for the average website developer.

    1. Utility

    Will your product solve their problem? If not, a web visitor will likely leave your site immediately. (e.g. If you want Chinese food, you visit a Chinese food restaurant)

    2. Functionality

    Does your site display online? Do your navigation system functions properly? Your site is functional when there are no bugs or technical errors when viewing the site.

    3. Graphic Design

    Your website user experience must be visually appealing. Or, it must create the appropriate emotional response from visitors.

    4. Usability

    In order to facilitate a good website user experience, your navigation menu must be easy to find and use. Further, for them to easily access content it must be logically organized. Does your site makes use common website conventions? You don’t want to force your visitors to think. Surfing the web is confusing enough.

    5. Persuasiveness

    Your content is clear and understandable. Features and benefits are persuasively presented. Your links inspire action. Further, your site moves visitors towards a predetermined goal. Content is engaging leaving visitors wanting more. Content is grouped content together appropriately for maximum impact.

    The Truth About Website User Experience

    Web Developers unintentionally create a problem for website user experience. They develop a website focused too much on web development. But the user’s point of view is different. They consider the utility of s site before they ever visit. Further, functionality and good design are expected. In addition, they only notice usability when it’s poor. What they’re really coming for is great content, and to be persuaded.

    This is why a website user experience can fail. Your site may appear online, but the content is not pulling its weight. When the site was built, the developers followed the commonly accepted order of operations. This meant that the content got the least consideration. But user don’t care. To them, your content is all that matters.

    In Part 3: Why I Think Content Audits Are So Effective

    You’ll find out how I started as a website developer, but became a website content audit expert.

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