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    How to Create the Best Website User Experience [Article]

    Part 2: How to Make an Impact on Your Web Visitors
    By Derek Little 12 months agoNo Comments
    Website User Experience

    Is Your Website As Good As You Think?

    Your website has a job to do. While you may have a high opinion of it, what your visitors think is what really counts. This article explains the 5 factors that a great website depends on.

    The 5 Parts of an Effective Website

    Most websites have the same goals. These are to build authority and credibility, then generate leads that become sales. Here are the 5 factors that determine whether that happens:

    1. Utility

    Will your product solve the visitor’s problem? If not, they’ll leave.

    2. Functionality

    Does your site display online? Do your navigation system work? Are there no bugs or technical errors when viewing the site?

    3. Graphic Design

    Is your website visually appealing? Does it create the appropriate emotional response from visitors?

    4. Usability

    Is your navigation menu easy to find and use? Is your content logically organized? Does your site makes use common website conventions?

    5. Persuasiveness

    Is your content clear and understandable? Are the features and benefits presented persuasively? Do your links inspire action? Does your site site move visitors towards a predetermined goal? Does your content leave visitors wanting more?

    The Facts on Website User Experience

    A visitor expects your website to work, and design happens on a sub-conscious level.  Your content may read good and sound good, but is it really getting you any results? If fact, the content on most business websites not pulling its weight.

    In Part 3: Why Content Audits Are So Effective

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