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    B2B Website Copywriting

    To Create the Grand Central Station of Your Marketing

    Content Marketing GuideWebsite Copywriting is a big important project. In fact, your success depends on it. While some CEOs are clear on what they want written on their website, others aren’t sure. And when they see what they imagine in writing, it’s not quite what they thought. This can result is ineffective website copywriting, or costly revisions.

    To eliminate this problem, I offer three different website copywriting packages. Choosing the right package will help ensure the success of your website copy. And if one these packages isn’t a fit, I can combine any elements of the packages together into a custom solution.

      1. Professional Package
      2. Positioning Package
      3. Trailblazer Package

    NOTE: SEO is not included in these packages, and would require a separate proposal with an SEO Strategy and SEO Copywriting

    7-Step Website Launch Process

    Your website copywriting project should be smooth. Therefore I partner with your web team using a 7-step development process. But if you don’t have a web team I can provide one. After a discussion on your goals, I’ll send you a Website Copywriting proposal. This includes tasks, deliverables, timelines and a cost estimate.

    1. Free Initial proposal
    2. Discovery & creative brief
    3. Current site analysis
    4. Key message clarity
    5. Site mapping
    6. Content mapping
    7. Site marketing

    3 Website Copywriting Packages

    #1. Professional Package

    The Professional package is for the CEO who knows what they want. Since they know who their target market is and what they’re problems are, and they know what benefits their customers want, as well as how their products are to be differentiated, they know what they want said in the copy. All that’s left to do is gather the information and write the website copy.

    #2. Positioning Package

    The Positioning package is for a CEO leading a business in a mature competitive industry. And their website must stand out. This solution includes a Website Content Audit, that lets them learn from their competitors, copy their best ideas and gain a competitive advantage. And they’ll be better able to position their product as the best choice.

    #3. Trailblazer Package

    This Package is for the CEO with a unique vision or a new product. While they may not have lots of competition, their vision is still unclear. A review of their Value Proposition will help align their vision, key brand messages and website copy with their customer’s needs, challenges and interests.

    Professional Package

    If you’re clear on your marketing, then you know what needs be written on your website. All you need is the copy. This package includes a meeting for gathering all the necessary information to be transformed into your website copy.


      • Website content meeting (screen-share recording)
      • Written website plan/purpose/creative brief
      • Written website sitemap (extra)
      • Website copywriting
      • Wireframe layouts (extra)

    What’s involved

    During a live online recorded screen-share meeting, we visit your website (unless it’s a brand new site), and some of your competitor’s sites. Next, we go through each page you want written, and I produce a written Website Creative Brief which details the project. Our discussion covers the following factors:

      • What you like (reference websites, design, structure, headlines, writing style)
      • Target audience preferences (what’s right for customers)
      • Review each webpage being written
      • What the content is going to be
      • How we’re going to say it
      • What is being emphasized
      • What are key messages

    Price factors

    This solution could include writing your web pages all at once, or as you need them. Included are two rounds of revisions for each page. And what influences the price most is the amount of words on the page. But the price could increase with addition changes or a change in creative direction.

    Your role in the process

    You will participate in a 1-hour meeting. After the copy is written, you’ll review the first draft of each page and recommend edits, within an agreed upon time limit.

    The Professional Advantage

    The main advantage of this solution is we can get started immediately after you agree to my proposal and we set a meeting date. And you get a professionally written website.

    If after two revisions, a given webpage is not “right” and more revisions are required, or there’s is a change in creative direction, the cost would increase.

    Positioning Package

    If your industry is mature and there’s heavy competition, an in-depth analysis of your competitors will help strengthen your positioning. My Website Content Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your website, and a similar analysis on the websites of your three top competitors.


      • Content Audit Questionnaire (written, or phone meeting)
      • Content Audit Reports
      • Website Content Meeting (review current pages, preferences, competitor sites)
      • Written website sitemap (If it’s a new website)
      • Written website plan/purpose/creative brief
      • Website copywriting
      • Wireframe layouts (extra)

    What’s involved

    This solution begins with an in-depth questionnaire (or I can ask you the questions over the phone). Based on your feedback, I conduct a full Website Content Audit on your website and top three competitor websites. You review these materials, and then participate in a Website Content Meeting, resulting in a written Creative Brief.

    Price factors

    There is a one-time fee for a Website Content Audit. And I typically charge a bit less for each page of copy because there’s more clarity on what needs to be written. However, the price goes up as the amount of copy to be written increases.

    Your role in the process

    After I provide your Audit Reports, you’ll review them and provide feedback during an online meeting in my online screen-share meeting software. Here we’ll review the reports, discuss your website preferences, competitor sites, and what you want written on each page.

    The Positioning Advantage

    The analysis of your website and competitor sites can reveal strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats you weren’t aware of. And this will let you make better decisions about how you want your website copy written.

    Trailblazer Package

    The Trailblazer package is for the CEO with a vision they want captured, clarified and transformed into compelling web copy. It lets them bring their messaging into alignment with their target market.


      • 1 to 2-hour meeting (Focused on the Value Proposition)
      • Basic Copy Platform
      • 1-hour Website Content Meeting
      • Written website sitemap (If it’s a new website)
      • Written website plan/purpose/creative brief
      • Website Copywriting
      • Wireframe layouts (extra)

    What’s involved

    This solution begins with an in-depth review of the six core parts of your Value Proposition. During this 1 to 2-hour online recorded strategy session, we’ll gather all the content needed to create your Copy Platform. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      1. Targeted markets
      2. Their needs, challenges & interests
      3. Their desired benefits
      4. Your products
      5. How your product/business is differentiated
      6. Your brand promise (or main problem/solution)

    Based on this content, I’ll develop a basic Copy Platform for you. While this is an internal working document that’s never quite complete, this copy will be used directly on your website or copywriting project. For example, your Linkedin Profile. You review these materials, and then participate in a Website Content Meeting, resulting in a written Creative Brief.

    Price factors

    Because much of the strategic work is done before-hand, there will be less re-work. And this enables me to offer a lower overall price for each web page. However, the effectiveness and accuracy of the copy will depend on your involvement in the process.

    Your role in the process

    This solution produces a basic copy platform. However, the more you collaborate in the process, the more complete and effective it will be. And this is particularly true for defining the features and benefits of your product. Your Copy Platform, will be shared through a Google Doc that you’ll have access to it for making changes.

    The Trailblazer Advantage

    This solution will help you capture the essence of your vision, and transform it into compelling copy and content. Further, your Copy Platform will provide a basis for copy and content on other projects. And this may lead to a lower price for you on future copywriting projects delivered by Trailblazer Writing.

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