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    What Is B2B Marketing?

    Guide to The B2B Marketer's Journey

    What is B2B Marketing?Does your business have a track record of success and a story to tell? Then it’s time to start aggressively growing your firm with business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing. But what is B2B marketing? Hint: It’s a journey.

    Anyone who’s attempted the B2B marketer’s journey knows there are both challenges and time-saving shortcuts. For example, getting marketing support from a B2B copywriter can help you focus on running your business so you can cross the finish line sooner. But where should you begin? With your Value Proposition.

      1. Value proposition
      2. Copy platform
      3. Buyer personas
      4. Seo strategy
      5. The buyers journey
      6. Website content
      7. B2B copy and content
      8. Seo copywriting
      9. Lead generation
      10. B2B marketing trends

    The B2B Lead Generation Toolkit

    This series of videos, tools and templates will help you understand the challenges that lay ahead. Here are some questions that need to be answered to create effective B2B marketing:

      • How does digital marketing work?
      • Who are we marketing to?
      • Where will we connect with prospects?
      • What content will we use?
      • How will integrate SEO?
      • How will we create quality content?

    Watch the first episode now and subscribe to receive additional videos, tools and templates.

    1. B2B Lead Generation Roadmap – Watch Now

      • Overview of an example B2B digital lead generation process

    2. Target market

      • The 3 master persona types
      • Buyer persona mapping template

    3. Marketing Channels

      • The 2 master channel types
      • Marketing channel guide

    4. Marketing Messages

      • 4 master copywriting types
      • Copy and content selection guide

    5. SEO Content Integration

      • SEO strategy and content
      • SEO strategy template

    6. Content Quality

      • How to create high-performance content
      • Content Quality Checklist

    Free Digital Marketing Planning Tools

    These free tools & templates let you leverage the knowledge provided in each video in this 5-part course including: Buyer Personas, Marketing Channels, Content Selection, Content Distribution, SEO and Content Quality.

    Start Your Lead Generation Engine

    what is b2b marketing?
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