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The B2B Marketer’s Journey

June 20, 2019
What if B2B Marketing was a Formula One Race? B2B marketers are under pressure to deliver continuous marketing ROI. That’s why I wrote “The B2B Marketer’s Journey: How To Generate More Leads With High-performance B2B Copywriting.” The goal of this book is to give a brief overview of the complete B2B marketing process. And at the same time show how marketing strategy under-pins great copywriting. The books gives companies a better grasp on the marketing journey ahead while sharing a new perspective om B2B marketing with professional marketers. Start Your Lead Generation Engine Have you made the B2B Marketer’s Journey? It’s a great challenge, no doubt. Some of the largest companies in the world struggle to make any impact at all. One of the biggest difficulties is the length of time it takes for B2B buyers to decide to buy. And, at any point you could lose them to a competitor. Their journey as a buyer is part of your own journey as a marketer. Marketing delivery often comes down to the copywriting. Generating leads is the result of many steps in building and marketing a compelling brand with high-performance B2B copywriting. This takes a blend of marketing strategy and tactics that let you plan and implement an effective B2B marketing effort. It starts with your Value Proposition. Your Value Proposition defines your overall marketing strategy. It lets you develop a Copy Platform that serves as the guide for all your copywriting. This leads to your Buyer Personas, the model of your most likely customer. The keywords they use form the basis of your SEO Strategy. Then your Buyer’s Journey puts all the elements of your marketing strategy into context. Finally, the tactical elements of your marketing can be put into action. Your website copywriting, B2B Copy and Content, and SEO Copywriting can be organized into a predictable Lead Generation System that keeps you in step with the latest B2B marketing trends. This book takes you on the B2B Marketer’s Journey with high-performance B2B copywriting, so you can stay ahead of the curve. The Making of The B2B Marketer’s Journey: The Book “Rush,” is a movie about Formula One racing in the 1970s. It inspired me to write my book. Here’s a video on the making of Rush.

4 Ways to Ignite Your Sales with B2B Copywriting

June 16, 2019
What exactly does a B2B copywriter do? When the average person asks me what I do and say I’m a “B2B Copywriter,” Most people just give me a puzzled look. And some of my clients aren’t sure how to use copywriting as effectively as they could. That was… until I figured out how to explain what a Copywriter does. In this video I share a powerful insight on B2B copywriting as well as the success story that led me to this realization.

4 Ways Case Studies Help You Win More Top Clients

January 21, 2019
Do Case Studies really help you win top clients? That’s what the evidence shows. I’m reminded how they helped me acquire the third largest mass transit system in North America as a customer – in only a few days. Earlier in my career I was hired as a contract Marketing Director (and Salesperson) for a small software firm trying to attract enterprise customers. After a successful tradeshow effort, I still needed a way to generate leads throughout the year. So, I convinced our CEO to increase our marketing budget and create a modern website. My plan was to include the Case Studies I’d written. The Toronto Transit Commission contacted me only a few days after the site was launched. Not only did they make a large purchase, their decision-maker commented on how the Case Studies had helped. Now I specialize in writing case studies for technology firms. You can hear me tell the full story here. (Please Note: The previous name of my company was “Predictable Results.”) Why Case Studies are the Most Effective Sales Content Did you know case studies have an 83% completion rate compared to all others? DocSend conducted a study where they tracked 34 million interactions with content. They learned that professional case studies are the most popular type of content – by a long shot. Further, the Content Marketing Institute found they are the most effective type of content at the buying stage (see below chart). If you haven’t used Case Studies before may not understand their hidden value. This article describes four ways they help you win more top clients. 1. Standing Out From the Crowd A case study is a business-oriented “before-and-after story.” It explains how your product helped a client succeed and is read by an executive or managerial decision-maker. This is different than a use case, which is a scenario of how a product could possibly be used. A client story helps a decision-maker see how someone else has successfully used your product. Decision makers need proof and must do their own due diligence before engaging a salesperson. “Prospects are wary about any claims or promises you make. They are most interested in what your customers are willing to go on record saying about their results.” – Derek Little, CEO, Trailblazer Writing Besides acting as a record of proof, success stories let you stand out from the crowd. There are so many variables involved in a success story there’s no way someone could copy or imitate you. And since they’re written like a news story they don’t look like a marketing piece at all. 2. Engaging Your Readers’ Emotions Research shows stories are the key to persuasion. If your content doesn’t engage a readers emotions it will have little impact. Further, almost everyone today has a mobile device and a short attention span. This is why storytelling is such an effective way to sell your products and ideas. A good story synchronizes the reader’s brain with the storyteller. Storytelling activates more parts of
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