12-Point Checklist – How to Get More Case Studies

Dear Marketing Colleague,

May I send you a complimentary copy of my latest special report on 12 ways to motivate customers to eagerly participate in your Case Studies?

Do you use Case Studies to help prospects evaluate your products so they can confidently buy?

If so, then you know how important it is to motivate customers to participate in a Case Study. If you don’t handle their objections or plant the idea in their mind early you’ll lose opportunities… and eventually sales.

The good news is, there are proven best practices for handling customer objections, getting them interested and even excited about participating in your next case study. Twelve to be exact. And all are explained in detail in my latest special report called “12 Ways to Get More Customers to Take Part in Your Case Studies.” (It’s only a 2 minute read)

May I give you a free copy? If so, simply request the report in the sidebar on this page to download your free copy or send me an e-mail at: derek@trailblazerwriting.com.

12 Ways to Get More Customers to Take Part in Your Case Studies unlocks the mystery of how to get more customers to eagerly help you grow your business. It answers such questions as:

  • What are the two best ways to handle case study objections?
  • What is the single most effective way to get a customer to participate?
  • What strategies will motivate even the most apprehensive decision-makers?
  • How can you get the ball rolling with virtually no effort?
  • What final fall-back tactic works almost every time?

Copywriting trainer and expert, Steve Slaunwhite reviewed this report before publication and summed it up in only two words, “It’s great!”

Why am I sharing this report free with colleagues like you in the industry? I genuinely believe that most B2B companies can benefit from more case studies. The only reason businesses aren’t getting as many case studies as they could, is because managing the process is an extra step they’re not prepared for.

And, admittedly, it’s a great way to introduce my copywriting services to professionals like you who may not have heard of me, yet.

So please e-mail me, or request your download I’ll make sure you receive your free copy today.

Best regards,
Derek Little,
“To Ignite Your Sales”

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