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An effective Blog Article should start with an attention-getting headline. Next, the lead paragraph should compel the reader to read on. Strong supporting points should conclude with a key insight or takeaway. It would be a missed opportunity not to include a call-to-action.
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The Challenge:

Blog Articles let a business bridge the gap between the challenges faced by customers and the features and benefits of their product within the context of an interesting and memorable story. This heightens believability and impact which can result in more leads and sales while communicating your company’s brand values. 

Client: RTS Labs
Project: Blog Article
Objective: Educate, build authority, attract new customers, get conversions
Marketing Piece: Reprint, Direct Link

My Solution:

This article was part of a year-long series I wrote for this client. The goal was to promote the features and benefits of a third-party software system they provided. The client paid me on a monthly basis. This included the final 50% of the previous month’s work and 50% of the next month’s work.

During the project I communicated via Slack with other members of the marketing team and my articles were submitted on schedule according to their marketing calendar. A first draft of the article was provided and the client’s requested changes were added. The project was begun and completed over the period of a week.


My client was pleased with the results and asked me to create a part 2 for the piece. The two parts were eventually combined into one article and a lead capture form was added to the bottom of the page.

  1. One of the toughest parts of writing great copy is to connect with your audience. While much of the copy you read in the B2B world is stale and dry, Derek’s copy is head and shoulders above that. Derek knows that to engage your reader you need to engage their minds, and the best way to reach your readers is by making a connection. Derek does just that by providing analogies and examples that are easy to understand, and by grabbing the reader’s attention by addressing them directly, as a person. Derek’s writing style piques the reader’s interest, and he then draws them in on an emotional level. He places his words within context, and comes at his writing from the other side – the actual person he is trying to reach. He engages, prods, teases, and entices with a clever blend of business acumen and worldly outlook, even in long-copy form such as this. His words connect, and his words help lead to a commitment.

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