An effective Infographic combines the written word with visuals for instant impact. They are especially useful for storytelling with symbolic images and statistics. You can choose from a variety of structures to suit your purpose. These include the journey, comparison, process, timeline, hierarchy, list, geographic and others.
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The Challenge:

Creating awareness is the first step in the marketing process. Your sales will be limited without top of funnel activities that let prospects know you exist. Infographics are the perfect marketing tool for getting attention and explaining the need for your product in a visually compelling way. Increase the impact of your message with relevant facts and statistics.

Client: Merritt Group
Project: Infographic written by Derek Little
Objectives: Create awareness, explain the problem, introduce the product’s features and benefits
Marketing Piece: Reprint

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with Merritt Group’s Marketing Director where we discussed the proposed topic for the infographic. Then I researched the client’s product and created an initial concept. The Marketing Director brought me into a meeting with the client to explain the concept. This led to a second meeting with a subject matter expert from the client’s product team. We discussed the concept further and I gathered information needed to create a second draft.

There were many factors to consider for comparing total cost of ownership. Since the product was so innovative, I decided the best way to spotlight its’ advantages to define all competitors as legacy systems. I then decided to use the idea of the old vs. the new way and grouped the cost factors into three summary categories. I completed the copy and waited 2 weeks for client feedback. There were a few minor changes to the copy.


The VP of Digital Marketing was pleased with the result and commented, “Content looks solid!”
Pasha Irshad, The Merritt Group

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