5 Powerful Tactics to Build Your Personal Brand

As a leader you are constantly under pressure to perform at your best. When you write an article, a book or give a speech you could be judged on it for a long time to come. So you want to get it right.

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy gave one of the greatest speeches ever. The words he used are some of the most inspiring words ever spoken. I’m sure you’ve heard them.

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”
― John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

What you may not know is he didn’t write these words himself. Ted Sorensen, his ghostwriter wrote them.

If you’re a leader you can understand the pressure Kennedy was under to be at the top of his game. He knew he had to get it right and hired a ghostwriter to help him. It was obviously a smart decision because he inspired a nation.

While his speech was only 1,366 words in length, it took months to write. As a presidential candidate Kennedy never would have had time to create it himself.

Imagine how inspirational words like Kennedy’s could help you grow your business. You might even get a bit famous. But do you have time to research and craft carefully worded content?

There’s nothing stopping you from hiring your own ghostwriter. It worked for Kennedy, it can work for you. Here’s how ghostwriting can help you succeed.

5 Ways Ghostwriting Can Help You Succeed

The internet may have leveled the playing field for small businesses, but now you must learn how to write. Or else, hire a ghostwriter. There’s so much content on the web you’d think it was easy. It’s surprising how challenging it is, and writing is the least of the work.

Most of the work in writing is thinking, re-thinking and re-writing your thoughts. Before you can begin you must decide who your audience is and your specific business goals for the piece. Here are five ways a Ghostwriter can help you get your content written and establish your authority in front of the right audience.

1. Using a Proven Writing Process

Beginning writers may not realize writing is more like solving a puzzle, than writing. And it’s easy to go off track. So, experienced writers follow a sequential process. A Ghostwriter can help you manage this process and do part, or all the work.

Here’s the 7-step Writing Process

  1. 10% – planning
  2. 10% – research
  3. 10% – outlining
  4. 10% – story development
  5. 15% – writing
  6. 50% – revising
  7. 5% – copy editing

2. Developing Great Content Ideas

Do you feel the urge to pitch your products or services in your writing? Your product may be great, but people want information to solve their problems. Editors want original ideas that build value for their readers. There are two parts to planning great content: Your goals and your audience’s goals.

Your audience wants to solve a problem. You want to sell a product you know will help them. They may not know that, and they may distrust salespeople. So, you don’t want to start pitching your products.

You audience will be more likely to read content that focuses on their needs first. Of course, you want to achieve your goals and get a return-on-investment. A Ghostwriter can help you develop content that gives equal consideration to both parties – a win win.

3. Gathering Research

Readers are becoming more skeptical every day. You must back up your claims with citations. A Ghostwriter can save you time by finding the research you need. Then you won’t get distracted from other important tasks.

To start a writing project, you begin with a plan. But that plan may change based on the research you find. Research tasks may include digging up facts or reports online. The quickest most effective way to gather research is to interview an expert. Then you can gather real-world details and quotes.

4. Structuring and Storytelling

Great content has a hidden structure. For example, one type of content you may use is the opinion article. The hidden structure behind these is an argument with supporting points. For educational content a common structure is the list.  A Ghostwriter can help you choose the right content format and structure for your needs.

Great content also begins with an engaging story. Science has shown that more parts of a person’s brain are engaged when they’re reading a story. Stories are how people make sense of things. It only makes sense to get the ready engaged by giving them a good story before you deliver the content you want them to know.

5. Writing, Re-Writing, Revising, Copy Editing, Proofreading

If you’ve completed the above steps, you’re a quarter of the way done. Now comes the most challenging but quickest step – writing. The challenge is to get the words down “before” you start editing what you’ve written. Once you have your rough draft you can start analyzing what can be improved.

Most of the remaining work is re-writing and polishing the content so it sounds natural. You’ll also need to review and revise the meaning of your content, so it resonates with your audience. Finally, you can check the spelling and grammar. You’re done!

Make Every Word Count

Leaders go first. As a leader you are constantly under pressure to perform at your best. Your odds for succeeding increase when you work smart not hard. Hiring a ghostwriter could be one of the smartest decisions you ever make.

Derek Little has ghostwritten content for leaders in companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100’s to small businesses. John F. Kennedy hired a ghostwriter, maybe you should too. You’ll save time and effort. Your content will be directed by you and be based on your own ideas. No one ever need know you didn’t write it (I’ll never tell).

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