Anthony Accetturo

CEO and Owner, Launch Titans

"Marketing is becoming more customer data platform centric for managing information about the customer journey."

Anthony Accetturo, CEO, Launch Titans Tweet
Anthony Accetturo, CEO and Owner, Launch Titans
Anthony Accetturo, CEO and Owner, Launch Titans

Anthony Accetturo is CEO and Owner of Launch Titans. In this interview he explains how his full-service marketing firm for influencers and large B2B or B2C brands achieves a success rate of over 95 percent. Further, he shares his point of view that the biggest trend in marketing for 2020 is a technology-driven customer journey.

What’s your role in the company and what does your firm do?

I’m CEO and owner of Launch Titans. We provide full-service marketing to large brands and influencers. We’ve worked with speakers such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Gary Vee. We’ve also worked with large brands like Trifecta Nutrition. What’s most unique about Launch Titans is our more than 95 percent success rate for creating profit.
What products and services do you offer?

We take over the whole marketing process for a company. We either boost up their existing marketing departments or replace them completely. We might do an event where we sell tickets for Tony Robbins or some other speaker or we might be doing a high-volume e-commerce campaign for a manufacturer.

We develop all the creative messaging for the assets. We’ve got 18 people internally in all the different roles we need to execute projects including a software branch, videography, graphics, web design, analytics and business intelligence. So, attribution and tracking for e-mail marketing and customer behavioral identification tags. We pretty much cover the whole spectrum.

Who do you help?

We do a lot of promotion for different speakers and e-commerce, but we’re not limited by industry. We work with large business brands who point to the retail brand. We’ve worked with Fortune 10 companies that have phone sales processes and things like that. Our clients are usually companies with 10 to 500 million in annual revenue.

What challenges do your customers typically have?

Most of these companies we work with, no matter how large are not set up properly. They don’t have the proper attribution set up. They don’t have their email marketing set up for behavioral tracking, automation and things like that. We set those things up on a diverse set of platforms. A lot of our customers have custom built solutions or they’re using a mish mash of 10 to 20 off the shelf solutions.

Most of the time we go in and clean that up. Marketing is becoming more integrated with technical development, so the problem we find is that a lot of these companies have a marketing team that doesn’t coordinate well with their development team. Or the development team is not in sync with the marketing team. One or the other is weak. There are always missing parts of the puzzle that need to be put in place before we can measure and track what we’re doing and justify our results.

Our agency is completely ROI based. After we’ve we run a campaign, we’re able to come back to a client and explain their ROI. Say you spent three hundred thousand dollars and we brought you back nine hundred thousand with certainty. Most companies, even the larger ones don’t have the ability to track that. They’re just not there yet. Instead they’ll set up their ads and pray they work. But that doesn’t need to be the case anymore.

Do you have a customer success story you can share?

We’ve got about 20 to 30 success stories, enough that we’re making a book right now. The different things we’ve done over the last few years have resulted in nearly a billion dollars in revenue that we’ve tracked and been able to verify.

One of our favorite case studies is an organic food delivery company. They weren’t running any advertising at all and were growing with influencer marketing. But their sales had been increasing at only a few percentage points a month. We came in and restructured their funnels including tracking, then built the creatives and launched an ad campaign within 45 days.

We started last July and a year later their monthly sales have increased over 400%. We’ve brought in tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue and they’ve grown significantly to become a leader in their industry.

What are your thoughts on marketing trends for 2020?

When we first work with a customer it’s a process of going through 100 to 150 different things we must physically check to see if they’re deployed on the marketing technology side. So, I think marketing is becoming more customer data platform centric for managing information about the customer journey. This lets you leverage a platform to control the messaging throughout the journey in different channels.

You can make sure your Facebook ads correlate with the e-mails you’re sending. This creates specific timing behind the messaging they’re getting at key points in the funnel. This is something we often do for our customers. But we don’t really see it happening a lot from other agencies. We see maybe one in 30 clients leveraging some sort of technology like the ones we deploy. But I think this is just getting started.