The B2B Marketer’s Journey

How to Get the Best B2B Marketing Results

Small business B2B marketers are often under constant pressure to generate leads and get a marketing ROI. That’s why I wrote “The B2B Marketer’s Journey: How To Generate More Leads With High-performance B2B Copywriting.” The goal of this book is to give you a brief overview of the complete B2B marketing process in a way that lets you get the best results from your B2B copywriting.

It explains how great marketing strategy under-pins great copywriting. It gives you a better grasp on the entire B2B marketer’s journey while sharing a new perspective on B2B copywriting.

10 Reasons B2B Copywriting Fails

If you were a Formula One race car driver in the early 1960’s and 70’s your odds of losing your life in a race were around 20%. While Formula One racing has become a lot safer over the years, being in business hasn’t. Only 50% of US businesses survive 5 years or more.

The number #1 reason companies fail is that they can’t attract enough paying customers in a cost-efficient manner. Here are ten reasons why this happens.

  1. No overall plan for directing marketing activities
  2. No strategy behind the brand and product messaging
  3. Not knowing what motivates prospects to buy
  4. Not researching customer SEO keywords in advance
  5. Mismanaging the buyer’s journey
  6. An ineffective B2B website
  7. Chaotic approach to lead generation
  8. Not driving website traffic with SEO copywriting
  9. No system for pre-qualifying leads
  10. Not staying abreast of the latest B2B marketing trends

A Roadmap to Lead Generation Success

Have you made the B2B Marketer’s Journey? It’s a great challenge, no doubt. Some of the largest companies in the world struggle to make any impact at all. One of the biggest difficulties is the length of time it takes for B2B buyers to decide to buy. And, at any point you could lose them to a competitor. Their journey as a buyer is part of your own journey as a marketer.

Marketing delivery often comes down to the copywriting. Generating leads is the result of many steps in building and marketing a compelling brand with high-performance B2B copywriting. This takes a blend of marketing strategy and tactics that let you plan and implement an effective B2B marketing effort. It starts with your Value Proposition.

Your Value Proposition defines your overall marketing strategy. It lets you develop a Copy Platform that serves as the guide for all your copywriting. This leads to your Buyer Personas, the model of your most likely customer. The keywords they use form the basis of your SEO Strategy. Then your Buyer’s Journey puts all the elements of your marketing strategy into context.

Finally, the tactical elements of your marketing can be put into action. Your website copywriting, B2B Copy and Content, and SEO Copywriting can be organized into a predictable Lead Generation System that keeps you in step with the latest B2B marketing trends.

The Making of The B2B Marketer’s Journey: The Book

“Rush,” is a movie about Formula One racing in the 1970s. It inspired me to write my book. Here’s a video on the making of Rush.