The B2B Marketing Results Award

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The B2B Marketing Results Award

[/themeone_header][vc_column_text]The Trailblazer B2B Marketing Results Award (BMRA) recognizes excellence in the field of B2B marketing for B2B Marketing Agencies and Consultants. Winners are chosen based on the marketing ROI they achieve for a client which is summarized in a case study.

The B2B Marketing Results Award recognizes Marketing Agencies and Independent Consultants for achieving excellence in B2B marketing.
The B2B Marketing Results Award recognizes excellence in B2B marketing.

B2B Marketing Excellence Captured in a Case Study

The goal of the award is to inspire better performance for achieving results in B2B marketing. It engages B2B marketers in their area of expertise to use all their skills and abilities to reach the highest levels of personal and professional competence. B2B marketers and their clients receive an award to recognize their achievement.

This award levels the playing field for smaller agencies and consulting firms by reducing the time and cost to participate in similar high-profile awards. It’s the most convenient, effective, least price-intensive and most meaningful B2B marketing award you can win. There are 1st place, 2nd place 3rd place and Honorable Mention winners.

Who Can Participate?

The award is open to B2B marketers who’ve been interviewed for The B2B Marketer’s Point of View interview series. There is no filtering of applicants by their brand name, size of company, location or reputation.

How to Get Nominated

Candidates must be nominated by one of their clients and can be nominated as many times as they like. Their client must complete the entry form which asks for an explanation of their marketing challenge, what marketing services were provided and the quantifiable results they achieved – just the facts.

Award Constraints

Your marketing campaign or initiates must take place in the year preceding the end date of the competition. So, marketing campaigns taking place between Sept. 2019 and Sept. 2020 are eligible.


The first place winner receives a free professionally written Case Study ($2,000 value). In addition, they get our distinctive Red Award to display in their office or promote on social media. Second and third place winners receive our distinctive Blue award and their success is also promoted on social media. Winners are publicly declared on our website within 7 days of winning their award and can receive quotes for press releases.

Fees and costs

There is an entry fee of $100 US per nomination paid by the Marketing Agency or Consultant on behalf of their client. This fee covers administrative and marketing costs. Second place winners must pay 50% and and third place winners must pay 70% of the cost of producing the Case Study to verify their winning status. There is no compulsion for finalists to attend a presentation event. Duplicate trophies can be provided for clients or team members if requested. This may include awards for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place or semi-finalists. (there is a cost for each duplicate award).

How Winners are Chosen

The first-place winner is the nominee who has achieved the greatest marketing ROI as defined by their customer. The second and third place winners will have created the next greatest marketing ROI. Quantifiable ROI is important, but there may also be intangible factors that play an important role too. Submitting a case study in addition to the entry form may give you a better chance to win. Results for the top 3 finalists are fact-checked with a Case Study interview. If an inaccuracy is found then the next semi-finalist in order takes it place.


Derek Little, CEO of will use his industry expertise as a professional case study writer and journalist to evaluate entries and identify finalists. He has no commercial interest in one company succeeding over another.

Program Dates

The annual program begins on September 1st, 2019 and the winners of the program will be announced within 7 days of Sept. 1st, 2020.

Award Accreditation

The B2B Marketing Results Award is in the process of being endorsed by the ‘The Awards Trust Mark Scheme’, and accredited by The Independent Awards Standard Council. This will show we are running a credible competition and an award worth winning.

Entry Form

The entry form will be available on September 1st at the start of the competition.

Contact Information

For more information email Derek Little at or call +1 518 291 4778[/vc_column_text][themeone_spacer height=”23px”][vc_column_text]

Win This Award

What is content marketingI invite all Marketing Agencies and Independent Consultants I’ve interviewed for my B2B Marketer’s POV interview series to compete for this award. Winning it will be a powerful way to grow your business. Starting September 1st, 2019 one of your customers can nominate you as potential first place winner.

To Your Success!
Sincerely, Derek Little
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