B2B Thought Leadership

As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet – and 4.4 billion users!

Marketing. Positioning. Branding. Differentiation. Storytelling. Authority. Influence. Thought Leadership! It doesn’t matter what you call it. The challenge is to become the #1 choice for your target audience so you can make more sales!  

But content is everywhere. You can no longer merely produce more content. You must create the right content for the right audience in an already overcrowded B2B (business-to-business) marketplace. 

The best way to stand out is by offering helpful advice, original ideas, unique points of view and authentic stories. In other words, be a thought leader. Thought leadership builds authority which leads to trust. It lets you connect with more customers, possibly charge higher prices and create sustained growth.

If you’re a Marketing Manager or small business owner, you know you can’t afford to let your brand get lost in the noise. But what exactly is thought leadership? How can you use it to you strengthen your brand? And how can you create it when you have little time to spare?  

Thought Leadership Content

If you’re an expert on a topic of interest, you could become a thought leader. But to be successful at B2B thought leadership,  you must focus on what interests your target market. 

B2B thought leadership is an exploration of the trends, situations, problems, issues, frequently asked questions, concerns, needs, wants, interests, goals, objections or motivations of your buyers. It examines the larger issues or details they must know about. 

Traditional thought leadership takes the form of written materials such as White Papers, e-Books, articles and speeches. In recent years, videos, podcasts, and live panels have become more popular. Being interviewed can provide a platform for your ideas.  

Thought Leadership Branding

If you’re like most leaders, you want to use thought leadership to generate more demand for your products and services. You may have the expertise and vision, but not necessarily the spare time to create content. Here are 4 time-saving options that also build your brand. 

1. Launch a Podcast
The most effective thought leadership typically comes from the leader. When a leader is time-constrained, another option is to create a marketing system that can do most of the work for you. A podcast is one such system. This may include having someone conduct interviews, gather research, create written content, and publish of the web and social media.   

2. Create Your Own Publishing Platform 

The logical extension of a thought leadership campaign is to create your own publishing platform. This lets you create equity rather than spending on advertising. An example of a publishing platform  is TechnologyTrailblazers.Club. This is my magazine for technology startups, featuring opinions, advice and case studies.

Thought Leadership Success

Unfortunately there’s no quick and easy way to create great thought leadership. It takes a dedicated effort of research, critical thinking, planning and commitment. Perhaps the greatest challenge is time. A professional writer and podcaster can help. 

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Thought leadership is a powerful way to grow your business. I offer custom tailored solutions for copywriting and podcasting. My free consultation will give you some fresh ideas for creating content that attracts your chosen audience and helps grow your business.

Sincerely, Derek Little

An effective thought leader shepherds their audience with helpful tips, trends, advice and inspiration to support their most important needs, challenges and interests.

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