Blog Campaign Case Study (Software Product)

An effective blog is the part of a complete marketing strategy that creates top-of-mind awareness and interest. A good blogs helps prospects understand their problems and/or consider their options.
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The Challenge:

This software company was in the midst of launching an enterprise software product. They needed blogs to go with their new website. The content writing challenge was to first identify the different members of the buying committee. Each faced different issues relating to the client’s product. Further, the content needed to help prospects come to grips with change management while emphasizing the client’s high-quality positioning.

Project: Blog campaign focused on Configure Price Quote software
Objectives: Build awareness for the clients’ product, generate and convert leads.

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with the Marketing Director and CEO to examine the target audience. I provided a Content Calendar spreadsheet that was used as a fill-in-the-blanks exercise during each meeting. The end result was a completed content calendar with topics to be developed into blog posts.

There were further meetings and interviews with team members including the sales department. These interviews were turned into articles that helped with the sales process. I played a behind-the-scenes role by conducting the blog research and roughing out the articles. The Marketing Director then authored them in their own voice. The campaign lasted six months.


The client used their articles to strengthen their marketing resources and engage with prospects. The campaign lasted six months.

Here are six of my favorite articles: