High quality content is the most effective way to connect with your audience. But what type do you need? How do you get started? How much does content marketing cost? How do you get a good ROI? Try these free resources (click on each to download).

Website Effectiveness Checklist
If your website isn't clear, concise and completing, you are losing potential customers… and eventually sales. This checklist will help you get them interested, even excited to engage with your site and take the next step in your sales process.
Sales Enablement Content Guide thumb
Do you find it's getting harder for your B2B salespeople to get through to prospects? Most of B2B buyer's journey is now done digitally. This guide provides tips on how to engage prospects with your content.
Content Marketing Strategy Guide thumb
Content marketing can influence your audience’s decision-making process more than anything else. But you need a strategy to make it effective. This guide explains the basics of an effective content marketing strategy.
Customer Case Study Checklist thumb
Do you use Case Studies to help prospects evaluate your products, so they can confidently buy? Here are 12 strategies that will help get more customers interested in participating in your next Case Study.
Podcast Marketing Launch Guide thumb
Building authority and trust is the hidden key to effective B2B marketing. Podcast interviewing is an easy way to reach out to potential customers. This free guide gives you 24 tips on how to create your own authority-building B2B podcast show.
Complete B2B Marketing Roadmap thumb
Need to get a better handle on your overall B2B marketing plan? This book covers 10 strategies and tactics for using content and copy to get high-performance B2B marketing results.