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    5 Powerful Ghostwriting Techniques to Build Your Personal Brand

    By Derek Little 2 months ago
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    As a leader you are constantly under pressure to perform at your best. When you write an article, a book or give a speech you could be judged on it for a long time to come. So you want to get it right.

    In 1961 President John F. Kennedy gave one of the greatest speeches ever. The words he used are some of the most inspiring words ever spoken. I’m sure you’ve heard them.

    “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”
    ― John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

    What you may not know is he didn’t write these words himself. Ted Sorensen, his ghostwriter wrote them.

    If you’re a leader you can understand the pressure Kennedy was under to be at the top of his game. He knew he had to get it right and hired a ghostwriter to help him. It was obviously a smart decision because he inspired a nation.

    While his speech was only 1,366 words in length, it took months to write. As a presidential candidate Kennedy never would have had time to create it himself.

    Imagine how inspirational words like Kennedy’s could help you grow your business. You might even get a bit famous. But do you have time to research and craft carefully worded content?

    There’s nothing stopping you from hiring your own ghostwriter. It worked for Kennedy, it can work for you. Here’s how ghostwriting can help you succeed.

    5 Ways Ghostwriting Can Help You Succeed

    A good entrepreneur understands their customer and has many good ideas. But creating great content is a matter of capturing your ideas and making them more concrete so they stand the test of time. Here are five ways a ghostwriter can help you create content you’ll be proud to put your name on – forever.

    1. Developing Your Ideas

    While you may have plenty of good ideas, making them great takes time and effort. Further, people want interesting stories, opinions and information to solve their problems. Not a sales pitch about your product.

    Magazine editors often struggle to find original ideas to interest readers. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on lots of them. These may include success stories from your company, personal business experiences or your opinion on industry trends. A ghostwriter can help you focus on your audience and develop your best ideas.

    2. Expressing Your Opinion

    To create content that gets read you must become a valuable source of information. This means thinking about who you’re trying to reach and how to express your ideas. A popular format for doing this is opinion articles, or Op Ed’s.

    Ghostwriters can help you organize your thoughts to create compelling articles that persuade people over to your point of view. They can help you clarify where you stand on an issue and why that’s important. It’s knowledge you have that no one else does. You’ll be establishing or enhancing your credibility as an ‘expert’ in your field.

    3. Using a Proven Writing Process

    Layman writers don’t realize that writing is more of an assembly process. In fact, writing is the least of the work. Short on time? A ghostwriter can solve this problem by doing most of the heavy lifting.

    More than just writing you’ll learn a writing process for streamlining the development of your content. Here’s how the average workload breaks down for writing an article.

    • 20% – Research
    • 5% – Planning & ordering
    • 15% – Writing
    • 50% – Rewriting
    • 10% – Proofreading

    4. Gathering Convincing Research

    Readers are becoming more skeptical. You must back up your claims with facts or you won’t be believed. A ghostwriter can perform time-consuming research work so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

    Further, sometimes it’s hard to get your own ideas out of your head. A ghostwriter can interview you and find information you may have overlooked. Other research tasks might include digging up facts online or finding the latest reports to quote in articles.

    5. Managing Content Development

    Creating marketing materials is a cumulative process. A base of knowledge is needed to write even a single blog. It would be an enormous waste of time not to organize and store all the research you gather as you go.

    A competent ghostwriter will help you create a your own knowledge management system. Here are some of the activities involved in managing such a system.

    • Collecting and curating content research
    • Developing and maintaining buyer personas
    • Gathering company and customer stories
    • Managing and developing content projects
    • Engaging other team members

    Make Every Word Count

    Leaders go first. As a leader you are constantly under pressure to perform at your best. Your odds for succeeding increase when you work smart not hard. Hiring a ghostwriter could be one of the smartest decisions you ever make.

    Derek Little has ghostwritten content for leaders in companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100’s to small businesses. John F. Kennedy hired a ghostwriter, maybe you should too. You’ll save time and effort. Your content will be directed by you and be based on your own ideas. No one ever need know you didn’t write it (I’ll never tell).

    Ready to get started with content marketing? Improve your results with advanced marketing techniques. Learn more by downloading my free EBook: The Complete Guide to Blockchain Content Marketing. (This EBook is exclusive to my subscribers)

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