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    Content Marketing Consultant and Copywriter in Canada

    Have you heard this powerful quote by well-known business guru Peter Drucker? “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.” And you may have heard another quote by Seth Godin. “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.”

    Hi, I’m Derek Little, Copywriter and Content Marketing Consultant. Need some content marketing to go with your innovation? I create custom content marketing solutions using copywriting to help you achieve your goals and get a great ROI. You can quote me on that, too. “Great content marketing delivers great ROI” 

    Work with Me
    If you’re successful in business you probably make business decisions like I do:

    • Driven by trusted base relationships
    • Built on a small focused audience
    • Designed to maximize long-term sales
    • Multi step-by-step process and longer sales cycle
    • Aimed at building brand identity based on trust
    • Focused on educating your target audience
    • You make rational buying decisions based on business value
    • Aimed at increasing and generating leads

    Specialization in Blockchain
    As a Marketing Consultant and Copywriter my passion is to work with cutting edge businesses creating innovative products. After 10 years of working with B2B technology firms I became interested in blockchain and created my blockchain news site. (a Google News publication) is the only news platform focused on sharing news about blockchain firms at all stages of their development – from startup, to growth and leadership. This includes startups trying to get established and consulting firms sharing their latest successes.

    Published on the Blockchain has formed new partnership with Civil, the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism. Beginning in March 2019, content on the site will be published through its own Civil newsroom onto the blockchain. The credibility of of each piece will be increased by including a list of credibility factors and adhering to the Civil Constitution.

    Submit your news or content and create more awareness for your blockchain products or services.

    To Ignite Your Sales

    Thought Leadership Articles88%
    Case Studies78%
    Website Copywriting56%
    Email Marketing36%
    Linkedin Profiles29%
    Slide Decks26%
    Press Releases24%
    Marketing Communications14%
    Speech Writing12%

    What You Get

    • Reliable & friendly service
    • Professionally trained copywriter
    • On-time delivery, deadlines met
    • Portfolio quality work
    • Knowledge of best practices
    • Copywriting that gets results

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction.Free Consultation

    My Clients Love Their Results

    “These email nurture messages look really good. Short and to the point.”


    What I Offer

    Trying to grab attention online? My services are consultative, solution-focused, well written, persuasive, created for the web and results-driven.

    Free Consultation

    I’ll work with anyone who needs high-quality copy and content

    Small Business Owners

    You have a lot of decisions to make besides marketing. You don’t have a lot of time. Your priority is generating more leads & sales. You need someone who can bundle marketing advice with quality content.

    Freelance Web Designers

    You’re a full-time Web Designer or small Design Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects and we sometimes need you.

    Social Media Agencies

    You’re a full-time Social Web Marketer or small Agency. Your clients sometimes need website copy, a landing page or other writing services but you’re not a writer. You sometimes need a good writer to bring in on projects and we sometimes need you.

    Marketing & Sales Agencies

    You need help from a writing processional when you get overwhelmed. You need help writing long copy like Articles, Case Studies and White Papers. Deadline pressure demands good quality work done fast.

    Video & Radio Producers

    You’re a highly creative video or radio production company. You’ve got great video or radio but more often than not need a good script too. When you partner with a copywriter you want them to act like a member of your team.

    Marketing Directors

    You need a writing professional you can count on. You’re under pressure to get the job done, and the writing is typically what holds up your projects. You need the best quality work because it represents your portfolio as well.

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