Content Brief Checklist

"The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning."

The 4 Hidden Strategies Behind Results Driven Content

In 2021 there are estimated to be more than 8,000 MarTech tools on the market. This means you can now reach your targeted audience faster and more often that ever before. But so can everyone else. Content distribution is no longer your biggest challenge. The bottleneck is content engagement

People have less time than ever to read content. Their attention is constantly being shifted by an increasing flood of content to their mobile device. What can you do? The only solution is to create better content. Your content must be so good that your audience will set aside time to read it. 

To get and hold their attention, you must put more thought and planning into creating content than ever before. There are four hidden strategies that can dramatically increase the results of your content. The more your writer knows how you plan to approach them, the better they can use emotion and logic to create the desired result. 

A Content Brief is a summary of how you plan to use each piece of content. Here are the four essential parts:

      1. Distribution strategy
      2. Audience strategy
      3. Buyer’s Journey Strategy
      4. Results strategy

1. Your Distribution Strategy

Your distribution strategy determines where your content will be read, seen or heard. This will likely include your website and blog. But if no one is visiting your site, you'll need to also distribute your content on other channels where your audience can be reached.

2. Your Audience Strategy

Your audience strategy determines how you uncover the changing needs of your audience. Also, what information should you include in your content? Should you be focusing on your audiences' problems, or how they'll benefit from the unique features of your product or service?

3. Your Buyer's Journey Strategy

Your content strategy determines the role of your content in your overall marketing and sales process. Each piece of content must play its unique role to make a successful outcome possible. The three fundamental jobs to be done are promotion, education and persuasion.

4. Your Results Strategy

Your results strategy determines what you want your audience to think, feel, and/or do after consuming a piece of your content. Should they start analyzing their priorities? Should they feel a sense of urgency to solve their problem? Should they be motivated to download a free report to learn more?

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