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Derek Little, CEO,
Derek Little, CEO Trailblazer Writing.

Hi, I’m Derek Little CEO and Chief Copywriter for Trailblazer Writing. Welcome to my site. I hope you get some value out of the content you’ll find here. 

Are you an Agency Creative Director, Marketing Director for a mid-sized firm or a Small Business Owner without a marketing department? I’m here to help you get better results with your marketing copy.

What the Gig Economy Means for B2B Marketers

Imagine. The in-house writer you assigned to a marketing project suddenly quits their job. You’re left embarrassed in front of the client and must scramble to find a freelancer. You lose the client and 100K in annual revenue. Ugh!  What’s going on here? 

Welcome to the gig economy where more people are going freelance. Marketing Managers must struggle to find copywriters they can count on. So, what are the factors you must consider when choosing a freelance copywriter? 

How I Help Eliminate Your Risk

The world of work is changing. More people are becoming independent contractors and working short-term contracts (gigs) instead of holding permanent jobs. But this creates risk for Marketing Directors because anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a copywriter. And staff writers often evolve into being a Marketing Manager themselves, or go freelance as a writer.

My approach is to put my personal stamp of quality on everything I do – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If there’s a problem, I make it right. After all, my reputation is at stake too. The kind of gigs I handle include Case Studies, Web copy, E-Books, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, White papers and other in-demand copywriting formats. Here’s how I help you solve some of the many challenges you face as a Marketing Manager hiring a freelancer (or Gig economy worker).

How I Can Fit into Your Firm as an Outside Vendor

One way to judge a freelance copywriter is by their own marketing materials. Do they have a great website, articles, an E-Book or a newsletter? Not having their own professional marketing materials may be a red flag.

It’s also important that a freelancer fit into your company culture without rocking the boat. I’ve worked as a BDM for two F500 companies where I had to fit in, and I’ve also operated my own companies and hired my own contractors. One of these was an I.T. Recruitment firm where I learned that ‘company culture’ can be a tricky thing. This experience helps me fit into your company culture and participate as an outside team member.

How I Help You Manage Your Projects

Effective project management is critical when hiring Gig economy workers. Time management is especially important for completing long-form content projects because there are so many moving parts. You don’t want any miscommunications happening on a freelance copywriting project that could force you to break a client promise.  

Most of my clients use Slack and Zoom, and so do I. In addition, I have training in project management and have collaborated with content writing teams from around the world using Slack. In fact, I’ve created my own Slack communities, so I’m proficient at using the platform.

How I Ensure Confidentiality

If you share confidential information with a freelancer, there’s always the slim risk it might not remain private. This may create legal problems for your firm.

I’ll sign non-compete agreements for client companies whose projects you have me work on. And I’ll sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements to maintain the secrecy of project materials, content or discussions you want to remain private to your firm.

How I Help You Improve Your Performance

My purpose is to help my clients get results. So, I’m interested in helping them improve their performance any way I can. A suggestion I often make is – if there’s anything you’d like me to stop doing, keep doing or start doing, please let me know. This led to me discovering that participating in client meetings was a great help to an agency client. Now, I make myself available to sit in on a  project discussion or conduct meetings to gather project research. 

My clients can schedule or reschedule an appointment for me at any time in my online booking portal. I’m normally available every weekday from 10 am-5 pm. I usually only require 24-48 hours notice and am instantly sent an email notification of their request. When I confirm this, a notification is instantly sent back to my client. Appointments can be set using Google Calendar since this automatically synchronizes with my booking system.   

Work with Me, a Modern-day Freelance B2B Copywriter - At Your Service!

If you’re successful in business you probably make business decisions like I do:

  • Driven by trusted base relationships
  • Built on a small focused audience
  • Designed to maximize long-term sales
  • Multi step-by-step process and longer sales cycle
  • Aimed at building brand identity based on trust
  • Focused on educating your target audience
  • You make rational buying decisions based on business value
  • Aimed at increasing and generating leadsent meetingsrin
Thought Leadership Articles
Case Studies
Website Copywriting
White Papers
Slide Decks
Email Marketing
Speech Writing

What You Get

  • Reliable & friendly service
  • Professionally trained copywriter
  • On-time delivery, deadlines met
  • Portfolio quality work
  • Copywriting best practices
  • Results driven copywriting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction.”

– Derek Little

My Skills and Subject Matter Knowledge
I have two decades of advertising, sales and marketing experience getting results in some of the most challenging industries. This experience includes work as a Business Development Manager for two Fortune 500 companies and selling enterprise software. Supporting my technical aptitude is a college education in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

Other industries that I’ve working in or sold products to include supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, welding, recruitment, automotive, death care, healthcare, security, imported hardwood flooring and a few others.

I do have a college diploma in business English and have professional B2B copywriter training in a variety of formats. This makes me a good fit for handling different projects that may be part of a complete marketing campaign. You can save time from looking for freelancers and get a one-stop freelance copywriting solution. 

What I Can Promise (and What I Can’t)
There are many factors involved in the success of a marketing campaign, so it’s difficult to promise specific results. But what I can promise is that I’ll use latest best practices in copywriting combined with my education in engineering, technology, business and copywriting, as well as my two decades of sales and marketing experience to give you the best chance for getting the results you want.

“I’ll do everything I can to make you look like a rock star in front of your client.”

Thanks for considering me, Derek Little

Specialized Skills for Creating Infographics

More than just copywriting, I have a 4-year degree in commercial art from a top Canadian college where I won numerous awards. During college I worked as an Editorial Cartoonist for the Brampton Times newspaper. 

In the summers I worked as a Caricature Artist at a theme park in Toronto called Ontario Place. I only had 5 minutes to complete each drawing including a likeness and a story that gave my subject a laugh. And I drew around 25 per day.   

This led me to launch a freelance commercial art business at the age of 22. My specialization was hand-drawn TV commercial storyboards for world-leading advertising agencies including J.Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather. I’d often create 25 frame storyboards in less than a day.  

Further, I’ve done a variety of illustration work including full-page illustrations for Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. Now, my experience as a copywriter lets me create visually and textually compelling Infographics.

Learn about my 6-step process of creating results driven copy