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Derek Little, B2B Web Copy Architect, Writer, Podcaster
Derek Little, Marketing Consultant, Digital Copywriter, PR Professional.
Strategies for startup success

In 2006, I became an overnight success as a Marketing Manager and Copywriter for a tech startup in Toronto, Canada. 

I had created the company’s first website and marketing materials. One day after launching the site, I made the largest sale in the company’s history. But the truth was, I didn’t know how to repeat those results. This put me on the journey I’ve been on ever since.

When I first started working for the firm, my employer didn’t have a website or any marketing materials. So I had to struggle to get sales the old-fashioned way – by cold calling. Ugh! 

After several months, I convinced upper management we needed better marketing. So, I was given the additional role of Marketing Director and created the company’s website, case studies, and webinar.

The day after launching the new site, I was contacted by the third-largest public mass transit system in North America. The buyer wanted a free demo and said my marketing materials had pre-sold them on our brand. 

Within a few weeks, I closed the largest sale in our company’s history. The customer was a huge corporation with 761 million in annual revenue. When I picked up the check from the decision maker, he said the firm had never made such a quick purchase. 

It was a lesson in how effective digital marketing is when done right. I was so amazed that I started my own marketing business. Predictable marketing had now become my calling in life.

The hidden power of stories
Managing a trade show in my role as the Canadian Marketing Director for tech startup, Proxiguard.

After successfully directing the marketing for a tech startup, I started my own website development company called “Predictable Results.” But I soon realized the true power of marketing comes from the content – the words!

The most effective content is strategic. But it’s also based on authentic, meaningful stories that bring your content to life. Technology startups are at risk of focusing too much on their product, and not enough on stories. Storytelling lets you create an emotional bond with customers while putting them at the center of your messaging. 

The concept of storytelling is as old as the hills. But can be a challenge to know what stories to tell. I launched my podcast to publish the stories behind the most exciting new technology startups I could find. For example…

        • How did your business get started? 
        • What’s your case for change? 
        • What’s your vision of the future?
        • What do you stand for and why?
        • Which customers do you serve and how do they benefit?
        • How did a customer successfully use your product? (the hero’s journey)
        • Why is your product different and better?
        • What’s your business philosophy? 
        • What can you teach potential customers?
        • And more
The value of a good story

Over time, your stories can become your most valuable marketing assets. People are interested in good business stories because they provide valuable lessons. And you’ll get a fantastic return on investment because you can reuse your them in many ways. For example:

        • Webinars 
        • Interviews
        • Live Events
        • Podcasts
        • Radio
        • LinkedIn posts
        • Word of mouth

Not only can stories inspire and motivate your audience, you’ll have less stress from knowing what to say in your next speech. In fact, you’ll probably want to tell your stories wherever and whenever you get the chance.

The secret to creating great stories

What stories should you tell? How do you craft a good one? Great stories are always true, but you must tell the right ones. And what you leave out is as important as what you tell. 

Contact me about getting interviewed on my podcast. I’ll help you develop an interview plan for developing a few good stories. Who knows, they could become your most valuable marketing assets.

What I Do

Copywriting is the packaging of marketing strategy and storytelling into your marketing materials. The strategy part is critical. But leave out storytelling, and you greatly diminish your ability to engage your audience. Evoking stories through your copy will magnify it’s impact. I can help you plan your strategy and craft your stories.

Marketing Tools

I write copy and content in a wide range of formats. This list is just scratching the surface.

Interviewing (researching / podcasting)
Thought Leadership Articles
Case Studies
Web Copy
Slide Decks
Email Marketing
Speech Writing

What You Get

Do you make decisions like I do? Then we should work together.

  • Driven by trusted base relationships
  • Built on a small focused audience
  • Designed to maximize long-term sales
  • Multi step-by-step process and longer sales cycle
  • Aimed at building brand identity based on trust
  • Focused on educating your target audience
  • You make rational buying decisions based on business value
  • Aimed at generating demand and leads