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Derek Little, B2B Content Marketing Consultant, Writing, Podcaster
Derek Little, Content Marketing Consultant, Writer, Podcaster
My Discovery of the Hidden Truth About Content Marketing for Startup Success

In 2005, I was a Sales and Marketing Manager for an innovative technology start-up. With no marketing department to support me, my first order of business was to sell products the old-fashioned way: over the phone. After a tiring day of cold calling, I’d hopefully find the right decision-maker and set up a meeting. 

However, I would often run into the most frustrating objection … “I want to think about it.” Ugh! In the sales world, this is called an objection. As a salesperson, you must be able to handle all objections to make a sale.

After six months of struggling, I convinced upper management we needed marketing support. So, I was given the additional role of Marketing Manager and created the company’s website, case studies, and webinar.

Three days after launching the new site, I was contacted by the third-largest public mass transit system in North America. The buyer wanted a free demo and said my marketing materials had pre-sold them on our brand. Within a few weeks, I closed the largest sale in the company’s history.

This experience taught me that content can save you and your customers a lot of time and effort. Your marketing costs can drop dramatically if you invest in high-quality content, too. Because the internet enables you to share and reuse it through the power of digital and social media marketing. 

Now as a consultant and content creator, I gain a complete understanding of my client’s marketing challenge and advise them on how to create content that guides their buyers toward a successful purchase. 

My role is to help blaze trails with marketing strategy and content for my client’s buyers to follow. It’s why I called my company Trailblazer Writing.

Do you make decisions like I do? Then we should work together.

  • Driven by trusted base relationships
  • Built on a small focused audience
  • Designed to maximize long-term sales
  • Multi step-by-step process and longer sales cycle
  • Aimed at building brand identity based on trust
  • Focused on educating your target audience
  • You make rational buying decisions based on business value
  • Aimed at generating demand and leads 
Are You Part of the Larger Conversation in Your Industry?

In today’s face-paced world, people have less time than ever to read content.  More often, they’re listening with the right side of their brain and absorbing information that forms a big picture. And this determines their actions.

Being part of the conversation in your industry is a long-term strategy that does not result in immediate sales. In the rush to sell their product, B2B companies often miss out on this opportunity.

An emerging type of content used by B2B firms is audio content. Podcasts are one of the most easily consumable types and have relatively low production costs. This content can also be used in a social media campaign in the form of Micro-videos.  

Trailblazer Writing helps companies create their own podcast show and micro-video content. This can be used to gather market research, generate leads and build customer relationships. It can also be integrated with written content that helps prospects reach conclusions and purchase decisions.

Listen to my podcast shows to learn more –  Technology Trailblazers Club. And my other show at Parts of these interviews are sometimes shared as conversations in my 50 Coffees Content Club.

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