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Feature News Article

An effective Feature News Article tackles a topic in depth with descriptive details and background information. Besides answering basic questions about who, what, why, where and how, a great feature article should leverage one or more of the elements of newsworthiness such as celebrity, conflict, timeliness and human interest.
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The Challenge:

Innovative products are introduced by public relations and sustained by advertising. PR can help a product gain more market acceptance. Feature News Articles use a news angle such as a current event or trend to bring attention to a product and its significance.

Client: Morpheus.Network
Project: Public Relations Article written by Derek Little
Objectives: Build awareness for use of client’s product by the U.S. government, differentiate product, increase company’s credibility
Marketing Piece: Direct Link, Reprint

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with the Morpheus team understand their goals. They paid 50% of the fee and I got started on the interviews to gather content for the article. I recommended we increase the newsworthiness of the piece by focusing on current events surrounding President Trump’s position on intellectual property (IP) and the tariffs on China.

A Slack channel was setup to manage project communications. After conducting several interviews, I developed the first draft. I added my client’s requested changes, submitted the final draft and the article was added to my own blockchain news site, Then the client paid the final 50% of the fee. The project took 1-2 weeks to complete.


The Morpheus team was pleased with the final article and the piece was added to other news industry new sites.

  1. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Derek for a thought leadership article. He was a highly competent and diligent partner throughout the process. Beyond it, he managed to transform the story into several delivery formats, including a podcast. The overall work was beyond expectations and Derek extremely professional and actually generous! I can only recommend Derek to other professionals looking to make stories work for their brands and businesses.

  2. Saying it was a good experience working with Derek is an understatement. When we approached him to write about our project with Department of Homeland Security, we didn’t conceive such a compelling article beyond the announcement of the project, would be the result. Derek took extra time to dive into the project to make the heavy supply chain material was easily understandable yet still covering all the essential content. We will continue to work with Derek and secretly use some of his strategies in other projects 😉

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