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A guide is a visual booklet that distills a lot of information down to its basic elements for rapid learning. It should contain an introduction that explains what the guide is about and why it's being written. The body should deliver the promised content and the conclusion should reinstate a big idea then transition the reader to deeper engagement.
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The Challenge:

Guides help businesses help their customers consider their options by providing advice while positioning their product as the best choice. These “how to” booklets show the reader how to do something or may provide information on what technology or methodology to use. Or, they could explain how to handle critical issues or solve key problems.

Client: RTS Labs
Project: Guide written by Derek Little
Objective: Educate, build authority, attract new customers, get conversions
Marketing Piece: Direct Link, Reprint

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with the RTS Labs team and understand their goals. My client wanted to start offering Data Science development as part of their software engineering services. However, they had never provided Data Science solutions yet as a service. They paid the first 50% of the fee and a Slack channel was setup to manage project communications.

I acquired knowledge on Data Science by reading several books, joining a Data Science association and engaging with subject matter experts. My first draft included the copy, a wire frame layout of the web page, and image recommendations. My client’s requested changes were added, and I submitted the final draft and they paid the final 50% of the fee. The project took three weeks to complete from start to finish. (NOTE: The Introduction and Dev Ops sections were added later by another copywriter)


The client was pleased with the results. They added the copy directly to their site with a lead capture form at the bottom.

  1. Take data science and make it understandable. That’s what Derek Little has done with this “how-to” guide for RTS Labs. While many businesses will often produce a guide using arcane language with no basis in context, RTS Labs was smart and used Derek’s skills to produce content that is easily understood and digestible by the business population at-large. Derek explains the “who, what, where, when, how,” and “why” of data science criticality and its place in the marketplace. This benefits RTS Labs greatly in the sense it positions them as the leader in their field, with an understanding of the customer’s needs, helping frame the discussion within context from the customer’s perspective. If you can’t see your business through your customer’s eyes, you can’t expect your customer to understand your business. Derek succeeds on all counts, and places RTS Labs at the front of the customer journey, lending credence to the thought that content within context is everything.

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