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An effective Landing Page should grab the reader's attention with a compelling headline. The copy should then describe the prospects' problem or goal and explain the offer. Finally, it should provide proof and ask the reader to take action.
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The Challenge:

Landing Pages help companies channel web traffic and convert prospects into leads they can stay in touch with in order to build a relationship. They do this by offering value in exchange for a prospect’s contact information (their email address). These pages can play a critical role in generating website leads by restating the offer, summarizing the main benefits, and spelling out exactly what the reader is getting or buying.

Client: New Perspective
Project: Landing Page written by Derek Little
Objective: Lead Conversion
Marketing Piece: Direct Link, Reprint

My Solution:

My first step was to meet with the New Perspective team understand their goals. The client paid the intial 50% of the fee and a Slack channel was setup to manage project communications. Then the client provided me with insights on their customer’s goals. Their Web Designer provided me with a suggested layout for the landing page copy. Next, I researched and learned about their customer’s product.

After completing the first draft, I added my client’s requested changes and submitted the final draft. Then the client paid the final 50% of the fee. The project was started and completed over a period of 1-2 weeks. (Note: My final copy was slightly revised.)


My client was pleased with the results and added the copy to their customer’s website prior to the launch of a new promotional TV campaign.

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    Convince me in 24 words.

    One of the most important tenets of landing pages is to tell your story in 24 words or less. Why 24 words or less? The average person reads about 4 words per second, and the average time a person stays on a web page before leaving (unless you capture their interest) is around 6 seconds. Do the math: 4 words per second x 6 seconds = 24 words to capture their attention and summarize your offering. Derek is quite able to do this on the New Perspective landing page by telling the reader everything they need to know upfront, giving the impetus to dig in deeper and discover the product. One of the toughest parts of web work is content creation, and Derek is able to create content that leads the user on a welcoming customer journey.

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