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People buy from those they know, like and trust. Podcast interviewing lets you build relationships with the right people inside the companies you want as clients. Having your own customer-centric podcast, micro-site publishing platform and podcast email newsletter lets you nurture those relationships and grow your business. We make it easy.

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Business Development can be a difficult, time-consuming job. You must research and reach out to ideal prospects, build relationships, generate and nurture leads consistently – and within budget. Our podcasting support services help you do all these jobs. We make achieving growth easier by helping you be the host of your own podcast show. This includes handling complex activities such as guest management, production and promotion. 

Acquiring B2B clients starts with account-based relationship building. But this can be time-consuming and costly. Instead, we help you create a fulfilling pre-customer experience. This includes booking the right guests, prepping you as the host, and making you sound like a pro. Your interview time required is minimal and we do the rest. In less time, you’ll be opening up new accounts while creating influential, strategic and sharable content.

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VIP Podcast Production
Free One-time (by invitation or donation only), this podcast features you, your product, and your business to help you attract customers and investors.
  • FREE Podcast Launch Guide (see below)
  • Interview (with you or a team member)
  • Audio Editing, post-production
  • Basic writing (headline, show notes)
  • Graphic design (episode cover image)
  • Multi-platform syndication (Google, Apple, Spotify, etc.)
  • Podcast analytics review
  • Dedicated producer
  • Featured on:
    *, or
  • Podcast materials provided for your use in your marketing (MP3 file, cover image)

VIP Podcast Package

Strategy, Management, Production, Promotion
$ 2-5K Everything in the free package, plus we provide a complete podcast solution with you as the host. This includes strategy, planning, management, production and promotion. Optional podcast micro-site and opt-in email newsletter
  • Podcast Launch Package (See free Podcast Launch Guide)
  • Customized online calendar, guest strategy, recruitment and scheduling
  • Host-your-own podcast coaching
  • Content marketing coaching (podcast topics and questions your guests will love)
  • Content re-purposing (blogs, Linkedin posts, micro-videos, social media posts)
  • Podcast micro-site and audience-building email newsletter (created and managed for you)

VIP Event Package

$ 5-10K Everything in the podcast package, plus we help you leverage your audience by creating, managing and implementing your own profitable virtual event.
  • Thought leadership coaching
  • Booking thought leaders as guests
  • Virtual event planning
  • Virtual event platform review, customized setup, and optimization
  • Virtual event implementation
  • Virtual event management
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"You can make more friends in 2 months by becoming genuinely interested in other people that you can in 2 years spent trying to get people interested in you!"